Featured Member: Milvia Garrido is helping women achieve their financial objectives

Helping women achieve their financial objectives continues to motivate Milvia Garrido.

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Moving Beyond Banking After 13 years in the banking industry, I decided to focus on expanding my personal practice in the areas of wealth protection and investment services. I started developing and managing relationships with local businesses, individuals and families to help them towards achieving financial freedom.

My expertise is in financial planning. Whether your financial goals include preparing for milestone life events or solving for protection, accumulation and income needs, I can help you get to where you want to be in your life as far as reaching your financial objectives.

I would recommend to other women to never stop dreaming. To achieve financial freedom, take small and manageable steps toward financial well-being. I encourage anyone to contact me directly for any type of financial issues you many have in your life.

Facing Challenges and Enjoying the Rewards As a financial professional at Axa Advisors, the challenge I have found in is that the financial services business is evolving rapidly and sometimes it is very difficult to apply and communicate the financial knowledge to a client’s personal situation. But there is no better reward than to be able to rejoice in the success of the ones whom you have helped achieve their goals and dreams.

Understanding Women’s Needs My future goals are to continue growing my practice, helping women from different walks of life achieve their financial goals. I know so many women, professionals, business owners, singles moms, divorced women and widows who work so hard, but still do not know how to handle their finances or did not prepare ahead of time. I understand the needs of women and how important it is to feel financial independence and protected in case of uncertainties. I love when clients reach out to me and thank me for making a difference in their life.

Working with IAW IAW is a great organization that provide us a lot of resources and tools to utilize effectively. Since 2016 when I became a member, my first step was to accept a leadership position as a VP in the Rockville Chapter. I was exposed to meeting many interesting professional women and am able to make a difference in many women’s lives.

I encourage other women to update their profile on the IAW website; participate in E-Chapter and ECoaching sessions and be active in their local chapter. Lastly, I recommend they utilize all of the IAW tools and resources that are available for their own development.

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