Featured Member: Katherine Fry

Inspired by her parents’ independence and entrepreneurial skills, Katherine Fry has forged a successful career in digital marketing and website design.

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Learning from the Best

I began working for a small advertising agency shortly after college. I worked there for several years, learning my trade. I also learned from my parents. My mother taught me to be economically independent and my father inspired me to be an entrepreneur.

Today, as CEO and President of Mediafy Communications Group, I use my skills in web design, digital marketing, social media, copywriting, accounting, sales, business administration, and leadership. With those skills, I created different departments within my company, and am fortunate enough to have a department head run them efficiently.

Work Hard and Stay Committed

Being a female entrepreneur is not an easy task. The business world can be brutal, and running a successful business requires a great deal of self-sacrifice. In order to be successful, one has to be willing to put staff and clients first. The most important thing is to be strong, and to hang in there when the going gets tough. Additionally, it is also essential to constantly work on improving one’s leadership skills, and on creating a transformational work environment where employees feel motivated to transform themselves as well as the company.

Becoming an effective leader has been the most challenging part of my career. The most rewarding part has been creating a transformational work environment for my employees and watching them grow. I truly believe that if you take care of your employees, they will take care of your clients.

Learning and Growing Together

I am hoping that IAW allows me to meet other like-minded women and we can learn from one another. This will further assist me in my journey of transformation, along with the transformation of my staff and company.

My advice to other IAW members is to be active in your membership. Take advantage of all opportunities the IAW provides. Try, through your own experiences, to make IAW even stronger.

The Future Awaits

My future goals include growing Mediafy Communications Group into new areas of digital marketing, and to acquire new customers from around the world.

I am the daughter of a feminist woman of the 60’s and a very successful entrepreneurial father. Together, the package is dynamite! I am woman—hear me roar!

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