Featured Member: Rosemary Reed

While working her way through college, Rosemary took a job providing technology solutions for businesses. With no experience, Rosemary Reed worked her way up from Trainer  to CEO of Commworld of San Diego-North, Inc. “I stayed in it because I like helping people, and it feels good to provide peace of mind with a complex and vital piece of a company’s business,” she said.

Commworld of San Diego-North provides business owners and CTOs with a consultative approach regarding telecommunications, network cabling, and surveillance solutions. Over the past 20 years, Rosemary has kept on top of rapid technology changes, which resulted in a base of loyal customers who have been there from the start. “For us, it’s not about the short-term profit gain. We work to cultivate a customer partnership that grows and evolves as a customer’s business grows and evolves.,” she explained. 

One of the most valuable networking  skills Rosemary learned was from a neighbor. They happened to be in the same industry as her but weren’t interested in professional development or networking. Once he was laid off, there were not a lot of job opportunities available for him. “This was a stark reminder that, even if I stayed with the same company for many years, I needed to keep my skills current and my network strong. The time for building your network is before you need to access it, not after it,” said Rosemary. 

Since that encounter, networking and supporting other women in business has been one of her priorities, especially in a male-dominated industry. Thus, Rosemary is a member of the International Association of Women, a global community for like-minded professional women.

“IAW has been an important support for me personally and professionally,” she said. “I so appreciate the friendships I’ve made within the group.” Her advice for new members is to visit your IAW Local Chapter to meet other women in your area. “Also, check out the resources available, as there are so many good interviews, tools, and advice available. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, everyone is so generous with their time and knowledge,” she said.

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