Featured Member DeShanda Carter: Making the World a Safer Place for Children

DeShanda Carter’s love for her two sons and her successful career in law enforcement, have inspired her to start her own company Simply Carter Corp., which includes Simply Carter Kids Car Service to ensure all kids are safe and Carter’s Diva Glam Mobile Party, where young and mature ladies can have fun.

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IAW: What is your greatest achievement in life so far?
Carter: My two amazing sons are my greatest achievements. They give me the strength to do what I do.

IAW: What are your long-term motivations for your company?
Carter: To build more job opportunities and continue working with children.

IAW: What three words would you use to describe yourself?
Carter: Strong, resilient and loving.

IAW: In your professional career, of what achievement are you most proud?
Carter: Being promoted to Captain of New York City’s largest jail.

IAW: How do you relax when not working?
Carter: Travel, writing and dancing.

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