What Is The Secret To Success?

Starting a new year offers a great opportunity to refocus your career path or business plans and realign yourself for success. Each new year promises an open book, and you can re-write your personal, career, or business goals. Success is rooted in the ability to first name and define your goals. Then, you must work hard and persevere to achieve them. While being successful is reliant upon self-determination and ambition, having a strong support system can also be a great contributor to your overall success.

As you begin 2018, it is important to remember some things that you can do for yourself that will not only improve your career or business but also enhance your personal life.

Find Some “Me” Time

Take some time every once in awhile to dedicate to yourself. Our lives can become consumed by an endless chain of emails, back-to-back-meetings, a long to-do list of errands, demanding family duties, and lots and lots of chores; sometimes you just need to take a moment to focus on you so you can recharge. Whether your “me” time consists of getting a massage or a manicure, going for a run, reading a book, or taking a few minutes to meditate, take some time just to indulge in what centers and relaxes you.

Get Organized

We all know how chaotic things can feel when your home or office is cluttered or in disarray. Getting organized not only de-clutters your space but also makes you feel more in control and empowered. The new year is a good time to clear out old files and notes or to empty crowded closets and rearrange your personal and business items into a more manageable system.

Take Control of Your Health

It is difficult to focus on your health in such a busy world of competing priorities. Too often we find ourselves reaching for the closest bag of chips or eating a rushed fast food meal to make up for our missed lunch hour because we were stuck in a meeting or too busy running errands. Incorporating more healthy foods, taking time to do some meal prep, and making an exercise goal can help to improve your overall health and well-being for the better.

Clean Up Your Resume

With a new year comes an opportunity to review and edit your resume, including any professional online profiles. If you have changed jobs this past year or even added some new skills or experience it is important to add these developments to your resume to stay current.

Grow Your Network

Success is aided by a great support system. Never underestimate the power of your network! You never know who you might meet that will become a powerful connection later on. Take the time to grow or re-connect with your network; not only will your career be helped by this, but you will appreciate the camaraderie as well.

Plan for Change

Life can throw you curve balls, so another important thing you can do for yourself is to always plan for change. Adapting to crises and triumphs alike, and staying current with our quickly developing world, makes you an asset both personally and professionally.

Join a Professional Women’s Organization

One of the best things you can do for yourself and your career this year is to join a professional women’s organization. Becoming a member of an organization like the International Association of Women (IAW) opens you up to priceless benefits such as in-person and virtual networking events, access to educational resources, and job tools such as our #getherhired initiative, career and life coaching, internal marketing support, and usage of member-only discounts to benefit your business or personal life.

IAW focuses on supporting and empowering women to thrive in an interconnected world. All our members have diverse backgrounds and perspectives, united by one common characteristic: the ability to succeed. We have more than 100 local chapters and a large community that is designed to help each member realize their dreams, build connections, increase their knowledge and skills, and create better work-life balance.

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