Featured Member: Deidra O’Neal

Sometimes as mothers, we have to take our children’s community, support, and resources into our own hands. That’s what Deidra O’Neal did after she realized her four kids lacked confidence, cultural pride, and life skills. “I want to inspire and support the younger generation in my community, just like the individuals and groups who inspired me when I was young,” explained Deidra. 

Thus, she founded the nonprofit Young, Black, and Suburban Kids. It is a space where children of all socio-economic backgrounds come together to learn about their rich history, cultures, financial literacy, health and nutrition, develop self-esteem, and more. “Working in the nonprofit industry has its challenges, but the most fulfilling aspect is raising funds to support my programs and the youth,” said Deidra. “Witnessing the growth of a child’s mind as they explore new opportunities, build connections with their peers, and achieve their objectives is the ultimate reward in my career.” 

She hopes that the future of YBS Kids is to continue expanding the resources offered to the students, such as educational support, advice, and college or career preparation. But no matter what happens she finds constant inspiration from her four children to grow. “I’ve gotta say, raising four kids who know what they want has taught me a lot about never giving up and always trying to better myself. Seeing their drive has inspired me to work on myself in all areas of life,” said Deidra. 

Her commitment to investing in herself is supported by the International Association of Women membership. Deidra participates in the DFW local chapter as the social media coordinator and connects with other IAW women business owners around the world. 

“IAW membership has significantly contributed to my growth as a nonprofit leader,” she said. “Connecting with like-minded women who provide unwavering support and motivation has been immensely helpful for me. My advice to other women is to make your passion a daily reality by networking and developing yourself.”

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