Featured Member: Araceli Higueras

Araceli Higueras has worn many hats in her expansive career, such as a multilingual twice accredited business analyst, accredited executive coach, UX Designer, and copywriter. Plus, her insight into coaching, business analysis, systems thinking, and diversity and inclusion are shared through her LinkedIn newsletter, You Ara Success

She first became interested in coaching executives through a friend. “One of my colleagues trained to become a coach and, from her insight, knew that I would be a natural. It piqued my interest and, once I learned what coaching was, it completely convinced me,” said Araceli.

Now, she brings her coaching experience and diverse knowledge to each client session. “I always provide options, not instructions, on what to do. I don’t believe in hard selling. I want customers to make informed decisions and be convinced,” explained Araceli. She assists her clients with goal setting, adopting habits, time management, strategies for career or projects, and more. 

Not one to stop growing, Araceli wants to become geographically independent so that she can work from anywhere in the world with the financial support of several positions. “I believe we all have something to give, even if our learning journeys are a continuous path. Let’s be generous and bring each other along the way,” said Araceli. 

Her global interest in connecting with others is one of the many reasons she became a member of the International Association of Women. “My journey at IAW is at the beginning,” she said. “The concept of supporting women and belonging to a network of women resonated with me, and that’s why I joined the London Local Chapter.”

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