Featured Member: Kateryna Karasyk is Taking on a Big Challenge

Kateryna Karasyk is taking on the challenge of starting up a US branch of a successful company based in the Ukrain.

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Successful Start
I am excited to be the CEO and Co-Owner of Elephant US, LLC, a branch of a Ukrainian project management company that was founded in 1995 by a team of experts in sign engineering, industrial design, computer graphics, marketing and business administration, to name a few.

For over 20 years, our team has successfully been implementing new technologies and efficient management systems in the signage and visual display industries. We are a proud member of the European Sign Federation, the International Sign Association, the California Sign Association and the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC). We offer a variety of products, including smart slim panels, concept design services, signage and display solutions, LED lighting technologies, and holiday illuminations and decorations.

Thoughts as a Leader
I have three rules that I refer to again and again as I try to accomplish my goals. My advice to other women who are trying to do the same is to remember these three tips: (1) Life is what you make it; (2) a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step; and (3) a problem shared is a problem halved. I live by these three tenets and they have helped me throughout my life and my career.

New Opportunities
Starting up this new branch of the company in the United States is challenging but I am also enjoying the rewards of my hard work. Opening new markets and creating new business opportunities is helping to define my success story. Over the next few years, I hope to continue to grow the company, build our team and expand our client base.

Learning from Others
Being a member of IAW has helped me to increase my network, and, through communication with other members, I have gained new knowledge and ideas. I think all members should be as active as possible; remember: a rolling stone gathers no moss! I’m looking forward to making even more connections. I’m very interested in learning all I can about marketing, gain new skills and improve my management skills.

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