Featured Member: Debra Hester Uses Her Skills as an Educational Consultant to Help People Through Their Struggles With Grief and Loss

Family Matters

Educators have been in my family for four generations. So I’m sure my family members inspired me. I took a slightly different path as an Educator. I started in educational television and moved into corporate education. Now, I use those skills as a social entrepreneur who advocates for breaking the silent struggle with grief and loss.

I’m a Writer and Educational Consultant with people and process transformation skills. I focus on learning, skill-building and behavioral change using creative communication channels. I founded the nonprofit Mother’s Backyard to help underserved individuals and families find the resources and support they need to deal with the pain of losing loved ones.

Finding Your Passion

My advice to other women who are looking for ways to make a difference is to stay open to change, learning and reinventing yourself. Look for the problem, issue or gap in the world that you are uniquely created to resolve. That is very likely your purpose and where you will release your passion.

Don’t Go it Alone

IAW has offered me invaluable guidance on marketing, business development and networking with like-minded women. I encourage other members to take advantage of the one-on-one orientation IAW offers all members. Make it a priority to use every feature that is applicable to your purpose for joining.

Challenges, Rewards & the Future

Although it is most challenging building my brand and business around my free podcast #empathyforgrief and loss, it is also most rewarding because I’m able to create something that allows me to help others.

Building a U.S.-based small business with an international brand and reach is my future goal. To that end, I invite all IAW members to support my mission: #empathyforgrief and loss. Grief and loss is a journey we all will take. We need to show ourselves and others more empathy than sympathy.

Listen and share my free #empathyforgrief -Break the Silent Struggle With Grief podcasts that complements my book, My Backyard Garden, A Memoir of How Love Conquers Grief. The free podcasts are available through most podcast providers and on my website. Learn more about my mission, journey and products at mothersbackyard.org.

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