Featured Member: Stacy Crawley

Becoming a parent can change everything, even your career. For Stacy Crawley, her kids inspired her to be fearless and pursue life as a speaker and coach. “I wanted to be an amazing role model for them and to show them what’s possible for them as well,” she said. “After having my middle daughter, I realized it was time to take a leap of faith, start my business, feel the fear and do it anyway.” 

Stacy founded Ignite Her Purpose LLC to help individuals be the best version of themselves through self-love, empowerment, and personal power. “I find helping, encouraging, and inspiring people to transform their lives very rewarding,” explained Stacy. Her speaking topics include self-love, confidence for women and teen girls, building resilience, managing stress, and creating work-life balance. You can watch her “Finding the Queen Within” on YouTube. 

Her advice to other women is to “take a step back, figure out what you truly want, write it down, be bold, and have the courage to go for it!” 

Besides coaching and speaking, Stacy is also a published author. She shared her deeply personal account of suffering in silence with bullying and her journey to self-love in an anthology with other powerful women. You can read her story in The Unvoiced Pain here

Recently, Stacy joined the International Association of Women as an Influencer member to expand her business for the future and connect with professional women globally. “It is extremely important to me to have a network of like-minded women that are routing for me to be the best I can be and to achieve my goals,” she said.  

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