Featured Member: LaDonna Williams

Just a few months before the COVID-19 pandemic, LaDonna Williams was laid off and quickly hit a wall with her career. Yet, her work in the healthcare industry for over twenty years saw a consistent need for notaries. “Someone always needed a notary, and there were few on hand or available,” she said. “I pursued a commission, but once I obtained it, I didn’t know where to start.” 

LaDonna loved serving the public, helping others, and being a person of knowledge others could trust. She wanted to invest more in her professional development, so she joined the International Association of Women (IAW). “It was then that I truly unpacked the triggers of imposter syndrome and how to silence my inner critique,” explained LaDonna. “My confidence in myself and my abilities were strengthened. I continued to give of myself and add value which served as personal and professional development in many ways.”

Soon, she expanded her commission from a Notary Public to a Notary Signing Agent and opened her business Signing with Integrity, LLC. Her services include notary acknowledgment, power of attorney, loan signing, motor vehicle bill of sale, administration of oaths, and many more. “When I serve my community, it’s rewarding. Helping others accomplish their goals and bring visions to fruition is satisfying. I don’t have to be in the driver’s seat to make that happen. I can still contribute no matter what the role is,” she said. 

LaDonna re-entered the corporate not long after and is happy to continue to serve her community through her commission as well. In the future, she sees the many avenues in Healthcare as opportunities to expand. “There are always regulatory updates, new data stories to tell, and technology to learn,” she said. 

Expanding her business was not the only support she found through IAW. LaDonna took on speaking engagements as well. “I’m developing new interests and testing new skills I hadn’t previously. To me, IAW is the ultimate confidence builder,” she said. “It helps you create a body of work, showcase your business or areas of expertise, and build your network. IAW is community and support on a very intimate level.” 

Currently, LaDonna is the IAW Chicago Local Chapter President and is still involved in the global community. Her advice to other members is to take advantage of every resource available. “Engage in the community. It is overflowing with diverse, empowering women supporting women. You can’t help but learn and grow!” 

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