Featured Member: Carolyn Rubin

You may recognize Carolyn Rubin as the IAOTP’s Woman of the Year or the recipient of the 2022 IAOTP’s Lifetime Achievement Award. She is a Club Member of the Maxwell Leadership Team, senior level executive contributor with Brainz Magazine, healthcare consultant, mentor, author, and speaker. But before she found this success, Carolyn knew she was passionate about the healthcare industry and training. 

“I became involved in healthcare to make a difference and to ensure patients have access to care. I love training, teaching, speaking, and empowering others to grow so I started my consulting business to help grow tomorrow’s leaders,” she said. Today, Carolyn’s consulting business offers group workshops, corporate training, leadership coaching, and more. Her expertise led her to be featured on radio and television as well. 

One piece of advice she received that shaped her perspective as a healthcare consultant was from her grandfather. He said to her, “Every day you go to work, walk through the doors with the eyes of a patient, if you do this you will always be successful. I can apply this quote to every piece of my life whether I am working in healthcare or empowering others to grow.”

Carolyn plans to grow her business very soon as she is expected to obtain her life coach certification this coming May. “The most rewarding aspect of my job is seeing others succeed as a result of the training and mentoring they received,” she explained.

Along the way, she found support and empowerment as a member of the International Association of Women. “IAW has provided a platform and a community of support which has been priceless,” she says. Carolyn also participates as a member of IAW’s Dallas Fort Worth Local Chapter. Her advice to new members is to “Continue to grow and empower yourself and others to be the best you can be. In good times and in bad there is always a rainbow – it just may be a little harder to find but it’s there. Don’t give up!”

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