12 Leadership Skills to Boost Your Business to the Top

Business owners inspire those around them to give it their all. But, you know effective leadership is so much more than simply calling the shots. If you want to stand out from your competition, improving your leadership skills can boost your business to the top. Here are some must-learn skills to lead and manage a diverse team of individuals:

1. Define Your Leadership Vision

Your leadership vision is a specific and compelling picture of the future leader you want to become. It defines your goals and provides a sense of purpose as you climb the ladder. 

2. Develop Executive Presence 

Executive presence is your personal brand as a leader that encompasses everything outside of soft or hard skills. Body language, tone of voice, diction, personal style, and more all contribute to how you present yourself as an executive. Learn more with our free member resource C-Suite Executive Secrets.

3. Adjust Communication Style

Every individual responds to various different communication styles. Some may want a more supportive voice encouraging them to believe in themselves. While others seek a constructive voice that points out their blind spots. Understanding how to best communicate with your team will help you become the best leader for them. 

4. Power Networking 

Tired of networking and coming home with a pile of business cards and no real connections? 

IAW’s president, Megan Bozzuto, with her co-author Katie Perry, Las Vegas Local Chapter President and Director of Member Experience at IAW, joined forces to write Putting the P.O.W.E.R in Your Network. It’s the ultimate guide for women navigating networking events to find the right room with the right people. 

5. Seek Diversity 

When hiring employees, look for individuals with unique skill sets and varied backgrounds, experiences, and strengths. Diversity not only improves the capability of your team, but also incorporates more perspectives. In fact, diverse teams are 87% better at making decisions.

6. Invest Personally and Professionally in Your Team

Keep your skill set at the highest level by continuing to learn. Attend seminars and classes to stay on top of industry trends and encourage your employees to do the same. IAW hosts weekly webinars where you can learn leadership skills, DEI efforts, wellness tips, and so much more from our industry experts.

7. Create SMART Goals 

Having specific, measurable, actionable, relevant, and time-based goals keeps everyone focused. It helps define company strategies and serves as an excellent way to measure success. Set new goals to continually challenge your employees and reward them when objectives are met. Read more about how to set SMART goals for your business plus tools on our blog.

8. Receive and Provide Constructive Feedback

Feedback shows our weaknesses and how we can grow individually and collaboratively. Constructive feedback is a balance between positive and negative that provides specific actionable steps you can take to improve. 

9. Instill a Learning Environment 

Problems can happen in the workplace and sometimes it turns into whose fault it was instead of a “what can we learn” moment. Mistakes can happen and the more leaders treat them as a moment to reflect and support their employees, the more people will want to continue working collaboratively. Read more on how personal accountability can instill a learning environment. 

10. Recognize Patterns of Mistakes

Working on project after project means you know the process well and experienced enough unique situations to understand common errors. Proactive leadership can prevent mistakes and set your business up for success.

11. Find a Mentor or Business Coach 

Mentors and business coaches are your cheerleaders, brutally honest friends, and wise sages guiding you along your path to success. The right mentor can launch your entrepreneurial success. Find out everything you need to know about mentorship, from how to be a mentor, developing a mentor/mentee relationship, and more through IAW’s comprehensive free guide! 

The Power of We: Empowerment Through Mentorship

12. Marketing to Your Ideal Client or Buyer

How you market your brand and business can greatly affect who you’re reaching. Ensure that you’re utilizing a marketing strategy that incorporates multiple touch points and reflects the ideal client or buyer you want to notice you. Find out how to create an effective marketing strategy besides social media on our blog.

Want to connect with other entrepreneurs like you? The International Association of Women is a global community of professional women continually growing together. If you are looking for motivation, accountability partners, business coaches, and more, then check out our extensive network and learn how an IAW membership can help your businesses improve within the next year.

  1. Sarah

    I was taken aback a little by the vote for “I am not a leader”. We are all of us leaders in some shape or form. Leading by example and walking our walk for those around us makes us all leaders. Whether we lead toward positive ends or negative ends is determined by the example that we share with all around us.

  2. Marcia

    Sarah I agree with you. We, especially women, have been leaders their entire lives. I think it might have been better said “high-level administrative position.” There are many positions in the mid-level range where we have a tremendous impact. I feel that an important responsibility of any leader is to create an environment that engages their workforce and helps them develop the best they have to offer. This requires a fundamental identity shift, one where women are seen by others as leaders regardless of the administrative level.

    The other comment is regarding STEM. I am in the health sciences and STEM is a major initiative. Where I have concerns and speak to often is the A in STEM – that is to say STEAM and include the arts. In my opinion, we cannot be fully developed and well rounded without the arts.

  3. Lesley

    “Leadership is influence. Nothing more…nothing less.” A famous quote from the #1 Leadership guru…John C. Maxwell. We ALL influence someone!!

  4. Shannon Marsden

    “Be a first rate version of yourself instead of a second-rate version of somebody else” – Judy Garland

  5. Beatriz I Mateo

    Thank you for sharing this great segment in how to become a leader!
    I learn from many people including a child.
    Always taking in considerations changes and flexibility!
    But it is important to be firm in certain concepts that you believe.
    Thank you to the Lord for sharing many ideas with so many intellectual and professional people in our community and around the world!
    Thank you for the tips….It is a really an inspiration!
    Be there! do that!
    All the best for everyone! Happy Holidays!

  6. Nila Danza

    Leadership is a gift that many women improves with resources and learning. In addition, the inconsistency in the command and communication decreases respect for leaders. Leaders in a working team with assertiveness in their ideas, works and leadership, and determination in their actions are respected and admired into a team work.

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