Featured Member: Benita Weathers

For a woman as multifaceted as her business, Benita Weathers is bravely taking the leap and committing to her business full-time by the end of 2023. She is an ordained preacher, author, certified life coach, podcast host, freelance editor, and CEO of BL Weathers LLC. Her consulting firm reflects all her expertise in offering clients services such as public health program consulting, life coaching, and book or dissertation editing.

“I have been a senior research project manager for over 25 years. I am at a place in my life where I would like to focus on work that I find fulfilling. To fill that void, I founded BL Weathers LLC, a multi-faceted consulting firm wherein I am able to lend my expertise to individuals who are in the process of making a vision become a reality,” says Benita. 

The best part about running her company is being able to see her client’s dreams come true through her encouragement and accountability. Benita enjoys working on her entrepreneurial skills and hopes to continue growing her business in the future. 

Her advice to other entrepreneurs is to “take one step at a time, reward yourself for each step you take toward your goal, and enjoy the journey. I want to encourage women of all ages not to be afraid to try something new. Even if you must do it afraid, pursue, persist, and produce!”

Benita won’t be taking this step to become a full-time entrepreneur alone. She is supported by a global community of professional women at the International Association of Women. Her involvement helped her become more confident in her networking skills and establish new relationships with other businesswomen like herself. Benita served as the secretary for IAW’s Philadelphia Local Chapter, and encourages new members to “take time to establish relationships with other IAW women, and look for ways to partner such that you form mutually beneficial relationships.”

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