Featured Member: Melissa Woodworth

Contrary to belief, banking has a lot more excitement to it. From witnessing a money laundering case to a fraudster in the drive-through, Melissa Woodworth has many fascinating stories after 20 years in the finance industry. Currently, she is the VP of Branch Operations for DFW at RBFCU

Yet, Melissa stumbled into financial guidance after starting as a part-time teller. “I fell in love with people more than the industry itself. And this company RBFCU is all about serving people,” she said. “My most rewarding moments are seeing my employees grow up to become leaders in the credit union. That’s the best feeling in the world.”

Melissa’s years of success in a male-dominated field are a great source of inspiration. Her advice to other women in finance is not to give into imposter syndrome. “I believe my drive to prove people wrong about their shallow opinions of me drives me to succeed. We have to overcome the negative self-talk in our heads,” she said. “Remember that you are here for a reason. You have this position for a reason. Go get ’em!” 

Her plans for the future are to one day use what she’s learned in the financial services to help coach other executives and become a motivational speaker. Supporting her future plans is the community of professional women at the International Association of Women

“IAW has been a game changer in the last few months! The connections I made are not only helpful professionally but personally as well. I have a circle of women around me cheering me on. And, if I need a boost, I just have to ask, and they’re right there to lift me up.”

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Want to find a community like Melissa’s? IAW is open and waiting for women from all around the globe to join our community of professional women who want to expand their horizons just like you. Register for one of our weekly events, or find a local chapter near you to get started.

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