Top Resources for Women’s Career Development

Women often face many challenges in our career journeys. From breaking into male-dominated industries to balancing work-life demands, the path to success can be daunting. However, with the right resources and support, we can advance in our career development without sacrificing financial security.

Top Resources for Women’s Career Development

Below are a range of valuable, budget-friendly resources:

1. Online Learning Platforms

Platforms like Coursera, edX, and LinkedIn Learning offer affordable classes in various fields. These courses enhance skills and provide certifications that bolster a woman’s resume and credibility in the job market.

Innovator and Influencer members of the International Association of Women get unlimited access to the LinkedIn Learning platform! Explore IAW membership here.

2. Career Development Webinars and Workshops

Many organizations and industry experts host webinars and workshops on women’s career development. For instance, the International Association of Women (IAW) hosts HERizonInsights, an educational webinar series on BrightTALK

IAW offers interactive virtual events featuring experts who provide valuable insights on the issues that matter most to professional women. There is something for everyone, whether you want to develop your corporate career or launch, build, and promote your own business. Speakers will field questions during each 60-minute session, sharing insights, offering real-life examples of success, and giving practical, actionable advice and guidance.

3. Industry-Specific Forums and Online Communities

Participating in industry-specific forums and online communities tailored for women can facilitate knowledge sharing, collaboration, and mentorship within a particular field. LinkedIn groups and specialized online forums provide networking opportunities with peers and industry experts.

4. Public Libraries and Local Community Centers

Public libraries and community centers often host free workshops, seminars, and career development events. These resources offer valuable insights into resume building, interview preparation, and other essential skills necessary for career advancement.

5. Professional Networking Groups

Joining women-centric professional networking groups can provide valuable opportunities for mentorship, career guidance, and networking. These groups often offer free events, webinars, and resources that foster connections and support in navigating the complexities of various industries.

That’s certainly the case with IAW, which offers affordable memberships with financial perks that allow you to explore the website’s resources. Among the IAW educational resources are the blog, online community, downloadable ebooks, and more.

Why Continued Education is Important

IAW Member Ernie Rambo who taught for 30 years and still supports education is the perfect example of why continued learning is always worth it. “My interest in adult learning developed over years of enduring professional learning experiences that didn’t meet my needs,” she said. “Serving as an IAW Local Chapter board member motivated me to reach outside of my comfort zone and achieve more with my professional goals.”

“The community found among the women who I’ve met attending IAW’s events has also supported me to move forward rather than step away from my profession.”

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