7 Tips for Giving Positive Feedback at Work

If words of encouragement are frequent around your office, good job! Engaging your staff by regularly providing positive feedback is probably one of the most important things you can do as a successful manager. Recognizing good performances has a powerful impact on employees. It builds self-esteem, improves the quality of work, and boosts office morale. So, here are five tips for showing your appreciation:

1. Be specific

General words of affirmation are always appreciated. However positive feedback is a chance to highlight their strengths. Rather than a simple “Great job!” try saying something like: “I’m really impressed with the copy you wrote for the new company brochure. You’ve captured our voice perfectly!”

2. Say it often

Positive feedback is just as crucial as negative. Sometimes managers are more focused on what went wrong and it diminishes the work that made something a success. Frequent positive feedback can boost motivation and make your team feel appreciated. 

3. Time is of the essence

It’s important to be timely when issuing praise. If you wait too long to recognize an employee’s good job, you may end up forgetting exactly what she did to earn it in the first place, and the person might think you didn’t notice at all.

4. Go beyond results

For many projects, the results may not be visible for a while, or in the end, may not be positive. So, try to applaud the effort involved instead. Offer encouragement by recognizing their hard work: “Excellent job with the presentation! I could see the client was impressed by your delivery. We’ve got a good shot at this because of your initiative!”

5. Share it with others

Sometimes when you work with those outside of your department, it’s nice to share their good deeds with those in charge as well. Sending an email describing how they helped and the impact it made with their boss cc’d can make a huge impact on their performance review

6. Create a positive environment

Feedback is always easier to give when we know it will be received no matter if it is positive or negative. Houria Bellatif, the founder of Shiftingly an organization that provides leadership development coaching and business transformational consulting, stressed the importance of communication style.

“Encouraging open communication, where ideas and concerns flow freely, breaks down the walls of resistance and fosters an atmosphere of mutual respect,” she said.

7. Practice makes perfect

Houria’s 20 years of experience means she’s practiced a lot and she encourages other leaders to work at it as well. “Investing in continuous skill development is another pivotal step. Individuals can enhance their feedback delivery techniques. Workshops on communication, emotional intelligence, and conflict resolution can equip individuals with the tools to navigate feedback conversations with finesse,” she said.

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