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IAW: What advice would you give to your younger self?

Lugo: Trust your instincts, be confident in everything you do even if you are wrong, and I would simply say you are doing a great job don’t be so hard on yourself.

IAW: Describe yourself in three words

Lugo: Charismatic, Creative, and Passionate

IAW: Who is your role model and inspiration?

Lugo: Life itself is my role model and my inspiration. Life is teaches me daily resilience and inspires me to give it another try each day!

IAW: What is your profession? Why did you choose it?

Lugo: I am a Lifestyle Educator & blogger with a background in counseling and education. I didn’t choose it, it choose me!

IAW: What or who led you to your career path?

Lugo: My passion to help others connect and my constant need for self-reflection lead me to this career. For the past decade, I have been helping people navigate the complexities of life, build the confidence they needed to reach their goals, and discover life-affirming transformations. Whether it was my time spent as a therapist or an educator, I have always seemed to see a common recurring theme of people simply struggling with how to live their life. I also realized, I too was looking for some sort of guide book, insight, or just a few tips on how to survive daily in a society full of pressures. As I began to examine my own life transitions, I learned a few things along the way about myself. I realized that I was “performing” and was a “performer” in my own life. What I mean by performing is that every day I did what I thought I needed to do or be, to be someone that I truly did not want to be. I was that person because it was more acceptable and easier in my reality. And needless to say, I was a pretty successful performer in my own life. I reached most of the basic societal measures of success even went on to obtained my doctorates. However, found myself unhappy and unsatisfied with how I “styled” my life to be something temporarily fulfilling; dwelling at a surface satisfactory level. The only way I could reach my full excellence was to delve deeper. I started to ask myself some hard questions, and began stepping out there and fully embracing who I am and what life had to offer me; all while being the bravest I could be an unknown place.

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