Featured Member: Hakishya Mallory

Hakishya Mallory started her company with the goal to raise awareness about people with disabilities.

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Bringing About Change

Hands 4 Angels was inspired by my daughter who has Osteogenis Imperfecta, which is a fragile bone disease. I started Hands 4 Angels becaue of the issues I have faced as a mother of a disabled young lady who loves to get her hair and nails done like her mom but due to her disability has never experienced a hairdo from a salon or has been turned away for nail services. I felt the need to do something positive to bring change and educate others that ALL people matter and should be accommodated. So, Hands 4 Angels was born.

Skilled at Helping Others

My areas of expertise are first and foremost being a mother of a disabled child. I have also worked for Abilities First Inc. for ten years. I worked with high-functioning, developmentally challenged clients. I loved what I did.

I am currently working per diem for Independent Support Services Inc., which is an in-home service. I provide the necessary support such as banking, cooking, etc., and I love it. I love helping people.

Always Believe in Yourself

My advice to other women: Regardless of what others think about your idea, it’s yours and you must run with it! You have to be willing to do what others won’t to have what others don’t!!

I think the most challenging thing is getting others to see the bigger picture. If you haven’t walked in someone’s shoes, you have no idea how that person feels.

The most rewarding thing about my career is the impact, whether big or small, I can make. I have been able to put a smile on someone’s face. People know a genuine person when they see one; there is a distinct aura and a smile and lending a helpful hand goes a long way.

Just knowing what Hands 4 Angels stands for and all the people I could make beautiful feel accepted regardless of their physical disabilities just brings joy to my heart. My goal is to open a hair and nail spa as well as a Hands 4 Angels mobile service to go into the homes of those who would love to be pampered but just can’t get out.

Never Stop Learning

In order to grow and become successful you have to be teachable. Things change all the time, marketing, etc. I plan to use the services IAW offers. It helps you to stay current or better yet to keep you encouraged being around other supportive women who have been at the starting point where most of us are. Being able to be a part of IAW’s network of women is just an awesome opportunity.

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