Featured Member: Dr. Amy Holda Gueye-Weinstein

After moving to Senegal at the age of 13, Dr. Amy Gueye-Weinstein had a huge change of scenery from the US. Seeing the lack of healthcare for women in West Africa inspired Dr. Amy to become an OB-GYN. “I chose the field of OB-GYN because I saw in the same setting, and across the world, that women are truly the backbone of any family and when they are not well, families and communities break down,” she explained. 

After earning her medical degree, she opened her private practice, Visionary Women’s Health, in Maryland in 2020. “I decided to open my private practice after working in various healthcare settings when I realized it was the only way I could begin to change everything wrong with our current healthcare system that was causing Americans to get sicker and sicker. I would deliver health under the oath I took in medical school,” Dr. Amy said.

Her practice focuses on combating many negative experiences women often have with the current American healthcare system. Patients have a minimal wait time. Plus, providers can be contacted through after-hour urgent video visits and non-rushed same-day or next-day appointments. Women can also find support for hormone management and a medical spa. “The most challenging aspect is working within an ecosystem that continues to fail patients while trying to deliver superior care within our walls,” she said. Yet, is the most rewarding part when women find the care and support they need and deserve through her practice.

 Dr. Amy created her practice to avoid exorbitant costs for treating chronic illnesses that could have been prevented. It ensures a calming environment where women won’t fear painful exams. “Do not accept anything other than feeling your best as your desired health outcome and seek the medical facilities that care about and will deliver this to you,” advised Dr. Amy. “Choose providers that you can relate to and that listen to you because your life depends on this “literally.” 

Starting in January, her practice will offer medical memberships for a small yearly fee. The membership extends beyond the typical medical insurance model. “We deliver superior VIP care that prevents chronic disease and promotes a long life where you can feel your best and maintain your mental acuity, physical well-being, sexual well-being, and health,” says Dr. Amy. For women interested in becoming a member, the Visionary Women’s Health clinic membership page is here

Her medical practice aspires for better healthcare and treatment in the future, not just for women in the United States. Dr. Amy intends to develop a scholarship fund reserved for minorities and financially disadvantaged women to access better healthcare. Then, she hopes to turn back to West Africa to open women and newborn centers. They will provide healthcare, training, and supplies across the continent. “When you share your big idea and people tell you that it is impossible to achieve, know that you may just be on to something that will change the world. Keep going.”

While Dr. Amy is new to IAW, she looks forward to embracing the community and continuing to serve women’s needs. She feels that IAW is a “beautiful way to connect with other women on a platform like this one.”

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