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Driven by her passion for supporting women leaders’ mental health, Djuan Short transitioned from a clinical coordinator to a private therapist to start her practice, The Dahlia Rose Wellness Center. She had the experiences, accolades, and expertise to navigate the journey, yet she discovered a new definition of success. “I soon encountered a series of lessons centered around unlearning agreements, loyalties, ideologies, and nuances that no longer aligned with my evolving definition of success,” said Djuan. “Amidst this unlearning process, I discovered the importance of envisioning and cultivating a business founded on principles of love, opportunity, and wonder, which are integral to my well-being and capabilities as a woman leader.”

Her services reflect these principles in their dedication to conquering external and internal challenges women leaders face. For instance, Djuan’s programs include holistic psychotherapy, wellness workshops for companies, virtual therapy for busy women, yoga therapy, and more. No matter what, she finds immense pleasure in witnessing her client’s transformations. 

“When a client internalizes and repeats back an idea or concept I’ve shared in their language of understanding and practicing, it signifies a profound shift in their mindset. It shows that they’ve heard a projection of what’s possible for them, evaluated their desires against their self-perceptions, and embarked on a journey of self-exploration that has led them to realize their untapped potential. Witnessing this growth and self-discovery is incredibly fulfilling and reinforces my passion for guiding others toward their highest potential.”

One piece of advice Djuan shares with her clients is to prioritize selfcare as a daily practice. “I often encourage them to prioritize self-care as a foundational practice for personal and professional growth. Imagine yourself as a garden–what you nurture will bloom,” she said. As she continued to help women leaders, she noticed systemic issues at a broader level that influenced the beliefs and actions of professionals. It pushed her to expand her career as a speaker and consultant to address universal issues more holistically. 

Thus, Djuan hopes to speak at Essence Fest next year to leverage her platform and expand her reach. “My speech will build upon my existing work, focusing on topics that empower women to embrace their worth, nurture their well-being, and create lives aligned with their vision,” she said. Djuan also intends to host an international women in leadership retreat to provide women leaders with transformative experiences. 

As she continues to build her brand as a speaker, Djuan finds professional support through her Influencer membership with the International Association of Women (IAW). The membership developed a roadmap for expanding her visibility over the coming year and identified areas of opportunity.  

“This roadmap has guided me in developing and sharing my message with greater clarity, curating my visibility, and leveraging the relationships and resources cultivated along the way. Since joining IAW, I have become more intentional about identifying opportunities that align with my brand, allowing me to connect with my ideal clients, better understand their needs, and refine my service offerings based on my clinical and personal expertise.”

Her advice to new IAW members is to remember, “You’ve invested, so now it’s time to craft a plan to utilize your time within the community. Take advantage of the resources available, whether networking events, educational workshops, or mentorship opportunities. Be proactive in connecting with others, sharing your expertise, and seeking support. Remember, you are part of a vibrant community of women who are here to uplift and support each other. Don’t hesitate to ask for help, offer assistance to others, and make the most of your membership experience.”

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