Featured Member: Bobbie Jo Bloom Puts Safety First

Bobbie Jo Bloom is committed to ensuring work environments use safety in their core management and employee relationships.

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Safety First

I began my career in the US Postal Service as a clerk/carrier. I worked my way up into the management and safety arena. I was inspired to work in the safety area and worked diligently for all operations to be involved in safety as their standard working mindset. I believe a team built on safety and excellent business operations will help to ensure we all go home to enjoy our families.

As a Safety Manger and Trainer, I use all of the skills I have honed during my 25-year career. My areas of expertise include communication and training, development of safety regulations, progressive management training, reporting of Workers’ Compensation, injury reporting, employee training, and development of core safety operations both planned and in response measures.

Stay Focused

I have worked in a primarily male-dominated field for my entire career. I believe you must be steadfast in your work ethic and believe in your strengths. I often had obstacles to overcome in order to gain the confidence of others in my field, but by staying focused and believing in my strengths, I gained much respect and have benefited from great working relationships that have carried me forward for many years.

The most challenging aspect of my career is helping to develop a pro-active mindset within the work environment in regard to safety. But it is the most rewarding experience to watch a team build strength in their overall performance by adopting safety as their core mindset and response. I hope to continue to grow, learn and develop safety as our “core” mindset in all of our work environments to ensure our employees safely go home to their families at the end of the day.

In addition to my work as a Safety Manager and Trainer, I am a Public Speaker and the Author of five published children’s books.

Feel Empowered

It has been refreshing to meet other IAW members. To see the level of talent and performance our members have accomplished has been a sweet moment, reminding us that we have done well in bringing our next generation of women to success in all they aspire to do.

My advice to other IAW members is to connect with others immediately. There is so much talent, information, and opportunities at your fingertips. Take the time to connect!

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