Featured Member: Former Teacher-Turned-Branding-Expert Vicki Sowa Helps Others Live their “Bubbly Side of Life”

Always a Reason to Celebrate

I began my career as a middle school teacher and then moved to the publishing industry to have a greater impact on teachers and students across the country. One day while at a Bubbles Fest (a sparkling wine tasting) I created a random social media post about celebrating life, which garnered quite a bit of interest. Soon after, the Bubbly Side of Life was created.

My love for teaching has never dissipated, so I figured out how I could mix my passion for helping and educating others and helping others to live their Bubbly Side of Life. As Founder, I use my expertise in personal branding and mindset to show others how to embrace the everyday moments and celebrate them now. We believe no reason is too big or too small to celebrate. I had a mentor back in 2008 who convinced me of this and showed me that indeed, we are in control and can live the life of our dreams if we so choose!

Showcase Your Personal Brand

When it comes to your personal brand, dig in and learn how others see you so you know exactly how you are most likely to influence others, and then do more of that! You will find that you are naturally more authentic and aligned with your goals.

When it comes to celebrating, enjoy every moment along the way. Embrace even the simplest everyday moment (I woke up on time…I overslept but got some much needed sleep) and celebrate it.

I love when my clients have their ‘a-ha’ moments when it comes to their branding. Even more, I love celebrating their successes.

A Toast to the Future

One day, there will be a Bubbly Side of Life tasting room for all to gather in to celebrate any occasion – big or small – and toast with the best sparkling wines around. Until then, Bubbly Side of Life regularly hosts virtual events and long distance cheers.

I’m also writing a book that encompasses both personal branding and the philosophy behind Bubbly Side of Life. Living Your Bubbly Side of Life: Elevate your Personal Brand to Happiness will be available in 2021 and is available for pre-order now with some awesome bonuses (including personal branding sessions). These bonuses expire October 31st. (If you message me that you are an IAW member, I’ll give you a private branding session.)

Celebrating IAW Membership

IAW has allowed me to share my expertise in personal branding, which has resulted in more exposure, of course, but it has also allowed me to help other members gain clarity and confidence to move further and faster toward their goals.

My advice to other IAW members is to take advantage of all the virtual events. If you have an area of expertise, put yourself out there and share it!

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