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2008 hit and Lida Citroën was laid off from her senior executive role. But, instead of returning to the corporate world, she took the opportunity to launch into entrepreneurship and founded Lida360 LLC. From her years of experience positioning global company brands for success, Lida supported individuals globally in building their brands for over a decade. 

“My clients are passionate, real, and committed to living with more intention and strategy,” she said. “I’m a marketing strategist at my core, and helping someone — whether they’re leading a commercial real estate team, creating change in educational systems, advocating for marginalized communities, or launching a tech start-up — is thrilling. My clients are in all industries, over 30 countries, and at all levels of their careers. This keeps me learning and growing as I’m exposed to more initiatives happening in my world.”

As her business grew, Lida became an author, a sought-after speaker, and an executive coach appearing in U.S. News, The Guardian, Entrepreneur, and more. She also is a TEDx speaker, as part of her clientele are veterans transitioning into civilian life. “Today, I’m proud to be a trusted resource, speaker, mentor, and advisor to veterans transitioning out of the military and the employers who seek to hire and retain them,” she exclaimed. 

Of course, it wasn’t always smooth sailing, as operating a business meant developing a whole new skill set. Yet, Lida openly welcomed the challenge saying, “I continue to go forward with more optimism and faith, knowing today I’ve surrounded myself with good advisors and resources.” Finding the right resources as an entrepreneur is one piece of advice that Lida encourages for any woman looking to become a business owner. “It’s easy and tempting to isolate yourself and struggle. So many of us have figured things out and are happy to share insights and tips to help you move faster through your growth,” she said. 

One of the most exciting aspects of her business now is the trend in personal branding toward growing influence. “When I ask my clients what they ultimately want, they tell me they seek control over their career, job, relationships, image — all of it,” she explained. “And why do they want control? Because they want influence. They seek to have a voice that is heard and respected, to contribute to meetings at work and movements in their community that feel authentic and purposeful.” Thus, Lida wrote her sixth book, “The New Rules of Influence: How to Authentically Build Trust, Drive Change, and Make an Impact,” which will be published this coming August.  

“In The New Rules, I challenge old views of executive presence and what many of us were taught was needed to have influence. We looked at the images of the middle-aged man, dressed in a tailored suit (with a red power tie!) who walked into the room, and everyone stopped to stare. He had an executive presence! He had influence! The problem is, most of us don’t look or work like him. We’re not all men, middle-aged or executives. So, how do the rest of us make our voices and messages heard? That’s what this book unpacks in a warm, exciting, and empowering way.”

Besides building empowerment through her work, Lida also found empowerment as an Influencer member of the International Association of Women. “As a new member of IAW, I look forward to finding my community here, globally, where I can share, learn, and experience our unique journey together,” she said.” Her advice to other members is to test every resource available and find the best fit for your needs. 

“I’ve been blessed with people, opportunities, and the confidence to support my vision, brand, and ideas. I look forward to connecting with others on that journey or who’ve also gotten where I am. I believe we can all learn from each other, and that’s a wonderful thing!”

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