Featured Member: Nancy Zazil Contreas Silva on the Path to Being an Entrepreneur

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A visit to her father in Mexico inspired Nancy Zazil Contreas Silva to embark on a new career and take on the exciting but challenging role of entrepreneur.

Father Knows Best

I went to visit my father who lives in Guadalajara, Mexico, for his birthday and as part of our custom—Mexicans drink coffee every morning and sometimes in the evenings—I was going to make some coffee when he asked me, ‘Do you want coffee from Chiapas? I have some but, it’s not for everyone. Your brother brought it for me from Tapachula and I’m running out of it.’

Since I had once lived in Chiapas and still have some friends there I offered to get my father more coffee. When I asked my friend if she knew anyone who sells coffee in Chiapas she gave me the contact information and asked me if I wanted the coffee for myself or to sell. At the time, I was employed in a company as the HRBP Benefits Administrator and had little time to do anything else but that, so I replied it was for my father. Upon my return from that trip, however, I soon found myself unemployed. I had nothing but time on my hands, which gave me the idea of selling coffee.

No Dream is Impossible

I have learned in life that the best job anyone can have is serving and helping people be happy, at least while you enjoy a great cup of coffee.

Although this was a brand-new venture for me, I knew it was worth pursuing. Never allow someone to say you don’t know what you are doing or that your dream is impossible. Keep the vision of your dream on top of your mind, follow the signs the universe brings you and never give up. Trust there is a higher force guiding you through every step you have to make. There will be setbacks but there is always the opportunity to get up and keep trying.

Stand Apart from the Rest

Being your own boss represents awareness of all your mistakes but also all your hits. Trying to comprehend what people like and how to attract them to what you are offering will always be a mystery. There are so many similar things out there to what one has to offer that being unique becomes the most important key for your success and, therefore, your greatest challenge. It will take a while to find that particular authenticity that will make the difference but once you are there, the rest will develop easier. Finding what makes you different from the rest will be the reward. My reward is when people taste the coffee with no creamer and sugar and I see their eyes grow bigger with surprise when they can taste the natural flavor of my beans.

The Power of a Network

My future goals include having several mobile espresso bars and espresso moto vespas to serve people on the streets by using a smart phone app, and being able to supply every home possible with freshly roasted, premium Mexican coffee beans. I know there will be challenges but with the network I have at IAW, which has offered me much support, help and guidance, I know I will be successful. My advice to other members who are pursuing a dream, keep knocking at the door, be patient and kind and always see the brighter side of the road. There are plenty of opportunities in the IAW network. Remember, every woman has the power of success within herself.

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  1. Hakishya Mallory

    I have been learning to dance in the rain on this journey of becoming a woman business owner. I have always been a giving my all to people and inspite of the severe storms I have endured I’m always able to see the sunshine during a rainstorm of life. It’s an amazing feeling and our days will go a little smoother if we just dance to the rythmn of the rain

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