Featured Member: Wendy Dalpez

All it takes is one wise woman to shift your career path. For Wendy Dalpez, she spent the first half of her career in the newspaper industry, moving from job to job while making money for others. By chance, at a Rotary conference, Wendy met a Career Ownership Coach who opened her to a new possibility. 

“I will never forget the day she asked what was holding me back and pointed out that I had been running multi-million dollar companies for other people,” Wendy said. “I knew she was right and that I could do that for myself. I wanted a business I knew could help people, and I knew how much value she had brought into my life. I wanted to do that for others.”

Her encounter was ten years ago, and now, Wendy owns The Entrepreneur’s Source, a franchise dedicated to supporting individuals’ entrepreneurial pursuits. She helped over 100 clients in over 22 states open their businesses. “What I love most is hearing from a client about their successes,” she explained. “There is nothing better than a past client calling to tell me that they hit their goals. Working towards others’ success keeps me motivated every day to bring my best self forward.”

She offers free online launchpads, franchise matching, educational resources, best practices for career transitions, and more. “I help clients discover new opportunities that fit their desires for income, lifestyle, wealth, and equity as a business owner,” said Wendy. She hopes to leave her legacy behind for her children someday. 

Her daughter especially inspires her to continue overcoming obstacles and expanding. “I didn’t want her growing up watching her mom passed over for opportunities or moving her around the country for new jobs that were no different than the last. I wanted her to recognize that my hard work paid off.” After graduating early from college, her daughter owns a home and takes career risks that jump-started her professional journey. 

As Wendy continues to expand her business, she finds support from the International Association of Women. She joined IAW to connect with the global community of professional women and understand the issues facing women entrepreneurs. “I am jumping right in and making IAW a priority,” said Wendy. “There are great resources here to help me challenge myself and learn. IAW is a resource that needs to be explored and used to its full potential.”

The advice she offers other women following her path of business ownership is, “don’t underestimate your ability to do new things and take a chance. Keep an open mind. Be coachable.”

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