Featured Member: Nina Dafe

Nina Dafe empowers women to speak up, step up, and shine through her business, The Far Above Rubies Collection. Her inspiration came from a deep desire in her childhood to find a powerful woman role model. Yet, she felt societal norms constrained not only her but those like her.

“As much as my elders loved me and invested me with great skills and values, I didn’t have any older women in my immediate circle that I really looked at and felt I wanted to have relationships similar to theirs,” explained Nina. “I knew this to be true of most of the people in my social circle too, yet I saw many women of my age group taking up the mantle of our forerunners and repeating their history.” 

She began to search in the Bible for answers and, after intense research, she still felt lost. “I was disappointed to discover that such analyses were not as readily available for the women of the Bible and that, if they were, they tended to cover the same women and the same topics,” she said. Her research turned to interviewing Christian women around her and Nina began a blog in November 2016. As her blog found success, Nina interviewed on other platforms and her career shifted. She now provides women with the coaching, consulting, and professional services to promote their businesses, attract dream clients, and develop exponentially.  

Nina is also an award-winning content marketer, PR specialist, and speaker with an international bestseller. She’s featured on platforms like Thrive Global, The TEDx blog, HuffPost, Bustle, Mic, and more. Nina refused to give into imposter syndrome as her influence opened larger doors of opportunity. “Coming out successfully on the other side of that fear is the most rewarding part of PR, whether I do it for myself or clients,” she said. 

As an Influencer in the International Association of Women, Nina finds support from professional women globally. “When I think of IAW, I think of community. It’s been great for building connections and a huge resource for both personal and business development,” she said. 

“Whether you’re an introvert, extrovert, ambivert or anything in between, there really is something for everyone. You can get stuck into the community and resources in whatever ways suit you and your business stage. Seek support, and you will find it.”

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