Featured Member: Katina Brown’s Mission to Empower and Encourage Other Women

A woman of strong faith, Katina Brown has made it her mission to empower and encourage other women.

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Finding My Purpose
I knew right away, after becoming a woman of faith, women’s ministry is my purpose. Empowering, encouraging, supporting, uplifting and many more wonderful things women do to help each other is my passion in life.

In 2016, I stepped outside of my comfort zone and published my first book, Prepared to be Positioned-Surrendering My Mess for A Message. My book set me free from the fear, hurt, rejection, and so much more bondage that prevented me from being the woman God created me to be.

I’m prepared and positioned for such a time as this. The blessings and opportunities to help people that were stored up, are released, and I’m going for it. Living a purposeful life is not always easy, but it’s always meaningful, so I’m living a purposeful life and sharing my journey with as many women as possible.

Using My Gifts to Help Other Women
I’ll keep it light and simple: I’m an expert at giving and sharing what I’ve learned, yet still growing as God continues to show me how to do it. I founded Living Faith Empowered Ministries to use my experiences and creative gifts to help women. I’m passionate about organizing, decorating and hosting events. Keeping people engaged in the process and watching it come together is exciting and brings me joy, so that joy flows into the events.

My advice to women is put your faith in God, release fear for positive experiences, disconnect yourself from people’s expectations of you and embrace the essence of who you are.

Staying Confident
The most challenging aspect of owning my business is being confident in a room of women who have owned churches and companies for years. I started my organization in 2017, so in a way, I’m just getting started (at such and such age ?) with the business of ministry, but I’m in graduate school to increase my knowledge. I trust that God has called me to this position and equipped me with what I need for each level of my journey.

The most rewarding aspect of my career is supporting women’s organizations that support at-risk girls. It doesn’t get any better than hearing the girls say, “I feel loved.”

Enthusiastic for the Future
I’m excited to finish my new book! It will be published very soon, this year. My goal is to take my 14-year old daughter with me to Barnes & Noble to purchase my book.

The opportunities available through IAW are inspiring. I look forward to the day when I will share how IAW helped me grow my business and connect with amazing women. I’m new, so I’m advising myself to DIVE IN and I encourage other members to do the same. Learn as much as you can by watching videos, supporting others and making meaningful connections.

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