Local Chapter Spotlight: Jennifer Pendleton in Manchester, NH

Jennifer Pendleton, MS, has been bringing together the women of Manchester, NH, for three years in her role as Manchester, NH, Chapter President

Promoting a Sense of Belonging

The reason I took on the role of Manchester Chapter President is because I was looking for a way to collaborate with more women and promote face-to-face communication and networking! New Hampshire is the second oldest state so we have a deficit of new talent entering our area. I hope to promote a feeling of belonging and community within our area.

Open Communications

Any event with attendance, when relationships are built and connections are made, I consider to be an accomplishment. We have been lucky with our members being open to speak and present in their area of expertise at our meetings.

We host networking meetings every month. At each event, we have been able to create a group atmosphere of acceptance and transparent communication, while discussing hot-button topics such as work-life balance, women’s heart health, building strength and confidence, communication techniques and more.

On September 17th, I’ll be hosting the Chapter’s first ever webinar. At the virtual networking event, members will have the opportunity to chat and network live via an interactive chat session and learn more about my upcoming plans for the Chapter. Register Here.

About Me

Being Manchester Chapter President has helped me in my career as Practice Administrator at Concord Hospital. In both roles, I promote collaboration, make connections and create a sustainable network of high-powered women throughout a myriad of industries.

I have been in the healthcare arena for almost 20 years; I’m four years at my current hospital. The sustainability of healthcare has always been attractive, as well as the wide range of options for career choices. Strategic planning, coaching, development, financial management and project management are the key responsibilities of my position.

Future Plans

I will continue to work with my leadership team to grow and strengthen the Manchester Chapter. I also look forward to continued growth in the healthcare administration arena, and working together with teams and individuals who share the same mission of creating an exceptional patient journey.

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