Featured Member: Vanessa Barros Realized Her Own American Dream

Putting her fears and doubts aside allowed Vanessa Barros to finally realize her own American dream.

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Like Father, Like Daughter

I came from a family of entrepreneurs. My father has always been a good mentor to me and is still working at the age of 76. If I can accomplish half of the things he did, I will be content. He inspired me to work hard to make my dreams of becoming an entrepreneur come true.

The Power of Positivity

I worked as a nanny while going to college. I know what it means to care for others and to be a good caregiver. I have a great instinct when it comes to people. I knew I would be able to show others how to be caregivers so I decided to open my own business, Coup 2 Mains NYC LLC, a Manhattan-based employment agency that helps match New York families with nannies, housekeepers, baby nurses and babysitters.

When I started my company, I was afraid and started to doubt myself. As an immigrant and a black woman in America, things don’t always come easy to you. But once I begin to think positively, and told myself, ‘Yes I can,’ I noticed a huge change in me and my attitude. I gained the confidence I needed to run my own business. My advice to other women who want to start their own business or make a career change: believe in yourself.

Challenges, Rewards and the Future

Owning my own business isn’t easy but I am determined to work hard and am confident I can take on any challenge that comes my way. It’s so rewarding when I help people find a job and my passion for helping others continues to drive me.

I’m looking forward to growing my brand, taking on more clients and expanding my company. My involvement with IAW is helping me achieve all of this by giving me access to special events where I can learn from other professional women. I think we can all learn from one another if we are more present and work together to help each other achieve our dreams.

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