Featured Member: Michele Mack Found Her Passion

Michele Mack discovered her passion for art when she was a young woman and hasn’t looked back since.

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Find your Passion
I saw a visual of a Balthus painting and I cried for a week. It brought out so many repressed feelings. I was 20 at the time. Since then, I knew what where I belonged.

I think that once you find your passion, you need to hold on to it and you need to learn how to enjoy that gift while supporting yourself. I’ve been lucky because I have enjoyed a long, successful career in the field of fine art, which is something I am passionate about.

The Art of a Career
I specialize in post-war contemporary and pop art and international emerging and mid-career artists. As Owner of Michele Mack Fine Art, Inc., I use the connections and relationships I have nurtured throughout my career with private collectors, galleries, auction houses and artists to showcase other emerging artists and their work.

Some of my responsibilities include working on behalf of collectors, corporations and museums, acquiring the specific works of art that they request. Currently, I am finding new ways to share artwork in different venues. It can be both challenging and rewarding but I am enjoying this journey. I am also deciding on the direction of my career at this stage: Do I open a retail gallery space again or take a partner on and become a full-time print publisher?

Looking Ahead
As I contemplate my next step, I’m excited to be involved with the highly intelligent women of IAW and look forward to learning their views and motivations. I advise other members to reach out to as many women as you can; join in the events and get involved as much as you are able. I look forward to expanding my relationship with IAW and hope to have an event in NYC very soon where I’ll get to meet even more motivated women!

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