Lessons and Other Things I’ve Learned from my Mother

At IAW, we love to learn all we can about our members. Whether completing your member profile, telling your story in our Featured Member blog or connecting with other members at Chapter meetings and IAW events, you are always generous with the information you share.

So, as our Mother’s Day gift to all of you, we decided to turn the tables and share some things about members of the IAW team. In the spirit of the special day that means so much to all of us, we asked our team to share personal memories of their mothers and thoughts about being a mom. Their answers ranged from practical to spiritual, from comical to thoughtful, and everywhere in between.

We hope you enjoy this opportunity to get to know us better. But, more importantly, whether you spend this Mother’s Day enjoying breakfast in bed or cheering your kids on at the soccer field, talking on the phone with your mom or quietly reflecting on memories of moms or grandmothers no longer with us, we hope your day is filled with love and joy!

Barbara Clerkin, Director, Member Services
Most Important Lesson I’ve Learned: “Don’t lie and be on time.”
What I Most Admire: “No matter how angry or disappointed she was, I always know that she loves me.”
Best Advice She Ever Gave Me: “Be able to take care of yourself and you’ll have someone to rely on your whole life.”
What I’d Like to Tell My Mother: “You are the most amazing woman and I wish that I had been a better daughter.”
How I’ll Be Celebrating: “Having brunch with my mom and two sisters and assorted spouses and children.”

Lynda McKenzie, Membership Specialist
Most Important Lesson I’ve Learned: “My mother taught me the power of love, and education and to be generous with whatever you have, no matter how little.”
What I Most Admire: “She grew up on a small Caribbean island, the eldest girl from a family of nine children. She was sent to Canada and the States to get her education and then came back to get her sisters and brothers for the promise of a better life for all of them.”
Best Advice She Ever Gave Me: “She has encouraged me, my brothers, my sister and countless family members by example to be lifelong learners. Each one, teach one.”
How I Remind Myself of My Mother: “Just like my mother, my family and friends are mine for a lifetime and a lifetime lasts a long time. I simply try to always be kind and to always be good to myself and others.”
What I’d Like to Tell My Mother: “I’ve always told my mother what I have wanted her to know. She knows my heart, my mind and my spirit.”
How I’ll Be Celebrating: “I will call and wish my mother and sister a happy Mother’s Day. I’ll go to mass and fellowship with other mothers. I will come home and have a celebration brunch with my family and my mother-in-law who has Alzheimer’s. I will call and send out texts and FB messages to my friends who are mother’s.”

Maria Gordon, Membership Specialist
Most Important Lesson I’ve Learned: “Do not depend on anyone but yourself.”
What I Most Admire: “Her strength.”
Best Advice She Ever Gave Me: “Work hard now so you can live life later.”
How I Remind Myself of My Mother: “I tell my child I will not be here forever so you need to learn how to take care of yourself.”
How I’ll Be Celebrating: “Hopefully, I’ll get to spend the day in bed relaxing!”

Megan Bozzuto, Interim Marketing Director
Most Important Lesson I’ve Learned: “When I was younger, it was to never give up and hard work will always pay off in the end. Now that I’ve gotten older and have three kids and a crazy schedule, it is embrace the mess / chaos of motherhood because it won’t last forever.”
What I Most Admire: Her ability to jump right into any situation and make connections.
Best Advice She Ever Gave Me: “Don’t give up — the reward of finishing will be worth it in the end. I can recall a few specific moments in my life when I felt like giving up. She was always there to remind me that the frustration I was feeling in the short term would be worth it in the long term. She was ALWAYS right!”
How I Remind Myself of My Mother: “We get messy! My mother is an artist and loves to do arts and crafts with my kids. I cringe when the messy stuff comes out. But, my kids love it. So, every time I dig in and do a messy project, I think of my mom.”
What I’d Like to Tell My Mother: “I’m sure I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: Those teenage years were tough, thanks for never giving up on me.”
How I’ll Be Celebrating: “My kids love to make a big deal about Mother’s Day and let me sleep in (so they think; they don’t quite understand the concept of quiet) and then bring me breakfast in bed with homemade cards and gifts. If it’s nice outside, we may go hiking or on a bike ride in between shuffling from church to Sunday school to lacrosse games and playdates.”

Kelly Campanile, Membership Specialist
Most Important Lesson I’ve Learned: “To budget properly and always give things away at no cost.”
What I Most Admire: “Her strength, which gets her through all that comes her way. She never complains.”
Best Advice She Ever Gave Me: “Not sure if this is advice but she always told me that you get what you need; not always what you want.”
How I Remind Myself of My Mother: “I nag them to clean their room!”
What I’d Like to Tell My Mother: “I appreciate her more than she knows or I can say.”
How I’ll Be Celebrating: “I’ll be spending the day with my mom, my children and my six sisters who are moms and their children. My mom became a single mom of seven at a very young age; the youngest was 9 years old and the oldest was 18 years old. She taught us strength!”

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