Featured Member: Glennetrius “Coach G” Neal

Glennetrius Neal realized her calling as a coach while completing a graduate paper on the ways Jesus was a coach. From then on, Coach G pursued her passion receiving a certificate in professional life coaching and life purpose coaching. She also sought out leadership experiences with a Big-5 Accounting firm, non-profit organizations, and small businesses. 

“I am passionate about seeing women discover, implement, and grow in their purpose-filled life and business which starts from the inside-out” with Coach G’s motto: Positively Motivating Sisters with Purpose Meaning, and Style. Today, she is a life growth coach, empowerment speaker, podcast host, wife, mother, and entrepreneur. Her business, G-Style Coaching LLC, offers women group coaching or one-on-one coaching that follow her 5 D’s, Discovery, Define, Design, Delight, and Development.

Coach G launched her business in 2021 after she faced challenges with her physical body. “I realized I was sleepwalking through my own life, shrinking into a comfort zone which was slowly killing me inside,” she explained. “It was now or never to go in the direction of my dreams. I launched G-style Coaching, LLC when I said “Yes” to my wake-up call, leaped into living out my dream, and asked for the courage to take the first step and all the other next steps.” Her goals for the future include authoring her first self-help book to empower women to grow fearless and expand her sisterhood community. 

Her advice to others is her number one growth tip, “it all starts with you. If you want to start a business or non-profit, further your education, make lifestyle changes for a better you, improve processes in your business, boost your confidence, or whatever your next goal is, you have to show up for yourself by allowing yourself to take the first step.” Taking that first step can be difficult for some. Yet, the possibilities for what you can accomplish are endless. If you feel like you need a little support then try an accountability partner or coach who can continue to challenge you to reach those long-term goals. 

Part of Coach G’s growth came from her involvement with IAW’s community of professional women. “IAW helped me evolve with valuable support in my personal and professional life, developed meaningful connections with women across states and chapters, and became a bridge in expanding my reach as a business owner and entrepreneur,” she said.

Coach G also serves on the leadership board for the Dallas Fort Worth Local Chapter as the Membership Ambassador. So, any members in the Texas area interested in joining a local chapter should reach out to her. For new IAW members, Coach G’s advice is to take some time to set up your IAW community profile. Member profiles allow other members to connect, see your goals and accomplishments, request as a mentee/mentor, and find contact information. Jump into the community through local chapter events, networking, or webinars, it’ll be easy for members to connect with you. 

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