Featured Member: Kellie Sabas

One class can change everything. Kellie Sabas took the Science of Well-Being with Dr. Laurie Santos at Yale through Coursera during the COVID lockdown. The course and Dr. Santos inspired her to practice meditation and yoga daily and become a certified yoga and meditation teacher. “Through my journey, I’ve experienced a massive change in my overall well-being and unknowingly began my self-discovery in the process. I know I’m not alone in experiencing this so I wanted to share this amazing journey with as many people who are on the same path,” said Kellie. Thus, she founded her business HappyME.yoga.

Kellie’s goal is to help others navigate wellness and work towards a happy and healthy body, mind, and soul. Her platform offers workshops, curated wellness retreats around the world, guides, expert consultations, a community of members, and more. Combining her two decades of marketing experience, nine years as a meeting expert, and five years as an independent contractor she hopes to grow HappyMe.yoga, or Happy Body, Mind, & Soul Retreats, as the future “go-to space to find wellness resources from vetted teachers and wellness experts around the world,” said Kellie. “Whether you’re a beginner looking for a perfect coach, someone who likes to cultivate mindfulness through yoga and meditation practice, or simply looking for a community who are on the same wellness journey, we are here to help!” 

Building her business hasn’t always been smooth sailing. Kellie continues to reach out to her target audience and convert sales with her limited advertising budget. But, when she curates life-changing workshops or retreats and collaborates with wellness experts, it reminds her how much she loves her business. Her advice to other women is to “never stop learning and dreaming. Pursuing your passion while continuously enhancing your knowledge and skills will ultimately reveal the path to your purpose.”

Along her journey, one of Kellie’s first clients came from the IAW community. “I got my very first client in the first two weeks of my launch during the IAW Virtual Expo in October,” she explained. “I have been blessed to be around supportive and inspiring women. I met women in IAW whom I collaborated with for a virtual retreat and became wellness experts on my platform.” She hopes to continue connecting with other wellness practitioners in IAW to find partners who can help each other “bring positivity into the world by transforming one person at a time.” For new IAW members, Kellie encourages you to engage and connect. “You will find your tribe here who can support you and cheer for you along your journey.” 

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