Featured Member: Houria Bellatif

Are you looking for a multilingual coach? Houria Bellatif is the founder of Shiftingly, an organization that provides leadership development coaching and business transformational consulting. With over 20 years of experience, Houria also has a PCC certification from the International Coaching Federation, Lean Six Sigma Master BlackBelt certification, certified in Birkman (Personal & Career) assessments and obtained her MBA at the University of St Thomas in Houston. Plus, she is trilingual, speaking English, French, and Arabic.

Houria works with individuals on their personal growth and engages with multicultural teams in building a foundation of collaboration. Her approach to coaching is to “be here now,” and her services include operations optimization, leadership development, conflict management, organizational integration, and more.

It’s incredibly inspiring to witness others thrive, and I’m constantly invigorated by the moments when I’m able to facilitate a shift in someone’s life, no matter how small. Whether I’m consulting or coaching, seeing the lightbulb turn on and watching individuals reach their full potential is an indescribable feeling of fulfillment that ignites my passion for this work even further.

However, Houria’s work tackles a much larger issue to inspire organizations and individuals to invest in themselves earlier in their careers to unleash their full potential. “I am passionate about finding ways to make this space accessible to more people and lower the barriers that make coaching and consulting seem exclusive, mainly to large corporations or senior executives. I would love to work with others that share the same purpose,” said Houria. 

She invites women to challenge the status quo and break from negative mindsets that hold them back from achieving greater success. “Define your purpose, invest in yourself, and strike the perfect balance between work and personal life that suits your unique needs. Remember, success is not a one-size-fits-all formula.”

Part of investing in yourself can also mean investing in a community of like-minded professional women. Houria is a member of the International Association of Women and has found resources, connections, guidance, and more. “We say it takes a village to make things happen,” said Houria. “I see IAW as a significant component of that community and recommend all members get involved.”

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