Inspiration Monday: Motivational Quotes By Powerful Women Leaders

Start your week off right with IAW’s Inspiration Monday! Sometimes being a leader is tough. Especially for women as we make up less than 50% of leadership positions across 20 countries and even more so for women of color who make up 13% of C-suite roles in the United States. If you are fighting the odds, struggling through a tough project, or simply need a boost of confidence, then listen to the advice of these powerful women leaders.

Eleanor Carter Quote
Alice Walker Quote
Sheryl Sandberg Quote
Thasunda Brown Duckett Quote
Lisa Borders Quote
Eleanor Roosevelt Quote
Leah Busque Quote
Abigail Johnson Quote
Joanne Ciulla Quote

Women leaders should not have to face their obstacles alone. Find a global community of like-minded professional women at the International Association of Women. Not only do we provide expert resources and mentor opportunities, but our white-glove treatment means you will never deal with an automated robot. For more information on how we support women, check out our memberships here.

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