Featured Member: Mary Meduna-Gross

Tired of self-sabotaging? Mary Meduna-Gross, Ph.D., felt lost one afternoon after speaking with her superintendent. It was early in her career in special education and she had moved into a leadership position. He told her, “It’s not what you are doing. I’d be doing the same things. But what you’re doing isn’t working. You’ll have to figure this out or go.” 

That conversation shook her to the core and made her realize that it must be something within herself that was preventing success. “The Johari Window model of communication popped into my mind,” said Mary. “I realized there was a part of me that I am not aware of and that my superintendent was not aware of. The reality was that I was struggling a great deal with being the leader I wanted to be–the kind that brought out the best in others. I burned out in the effort. This is when I decided to become the coach I wished I had.”

After that, Mary founded Blue Bamboo Leadership as a consultant who helps leaders recognize and overcome internal barriers holding them back. It is a year-long program that identifies limiting beliefs and designs a step-by-step plan to achieve short and long-term goals for you and your business. BB Leadership also offers group education, training, and coaching for organizations. “Every time I release another layer of these limiting beliefs, I feel more spacious and clear and I am able to expand my impact,” explained Mary. “This experience is so rewarding that I am willing to continue the work. I love it even more as I watch what my clients create as they release themselves from their own limitations.”

Then, about a year ago, Mary discovered the conscious business movement. It is a movement dedicated to changing business models to prioritize human and environmental concerns. She recognized her clients as conscious entrepreneurs. “I witnessed the challenges they faced as they attempted to build a business based on values of purpose, people, profit, and planet in a world that values competition,” said Mary. So, she started to produce a quarterly free online magazine, The ConsciousPreneur, to validate, inform, and inspire conscious entrepreneurs. Read the latest edition here

While Mary is new to the IAW community as an Influencer. She is invested in connecting with her community to collaborate and expand women’s impact on the world. Mary says that asking questions is helping her find her way around the IAW resources available to her. And she highly recommends IAW’s Influencer Experience Manager. “Marie has been a dependable resource to help me find the answers to my questions.”

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