Featured Member: Maryrose Solis

Maryrose Solis fueled the next chapter of her career with her desire to explore entrepreneurship. Armed with years of experience in corporate environments and startups, she began her business March 4ward and turned her attention to small businesses needing sales and marketing advice. “Having exercised my right brain for most of my career, I saw the opportunity to give way to my creative talents and skills, which brought me to branding and creative content marketing,” said Maryrose. 

Her wide range of clients benefit immensely from her services which include personal brand development, relationship marketing, building an online presence, content creation, and more. “I enjoy the intimate group of clients I have. It allows me to be more immersive in who they are and what they love to do. My job is to support them on their #March4ward,” said Maryrose. As she continues to grow, she hopes that the future of her business will become intertwined with her personal life. 

“I want to continue to create a lifestyle that works in this season of my life,” she explained. “One where my personal and professional lives are not independent but interdependent. For me, this involves having a more flexible, simplistic, and productive way of living and working.” 

Maryrose’s awareness of her work-life balance is one skill she encourages other female entrepreneurs to develop as well. “Self-awareness is very important. The more self-aware we are, the more we can identify realistic and sustainable solutions to any obstacles we can encounter when achieving our personal and business goals,” she said. 

Part of working toward her dream work-life balance is using the support she receives from the International Association of Women. “IAW allowed me to stay committed to being more engaged with others and increased my credible visibility. I am grateful for IAW’s dedication to providing resources and opportunities for its members to showcase themselves, connect with others, and give back to the community.” 

If you are interested in connecting with Maryrose, she encourages everyone to reach out through LinkedIn. “I would love to set up a virtual coffee chat to learn more about you and how I can support your #March4ward,” she said.

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