Featured Member: Dr. Beverly DeVaughn’s Company Helps Others Find Love

Using what she has learned during her years as a doctor and reflecting on her own experiences in life, Dr. Beverly DeVaughn founded a company to help others find love.

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Learning from Experiences

Mahogany Match is a business that was born of my own life experience and feeling that this specific issue is not being addressed in a thoughtful and caring way. I founded it to help women of color find love.

As a practicing anesthesiologist for more than two decades, I have learned to get at the core of a person’s feelings, mind set and disposition very quickly. Those skills have given me some unique insights into human behavior.

Advice from the Heart

Follow your heart and try and find your life’s purpose. Even though not all is perfect in my life, this new goal brings me a sense of happiness and fulfillment. It can be challenging to get out of my own way and not get bogged down in self-doubt, but the most rewarding aspect of this business is that so many people are in need of a new way of finding love. The pendulum needs to swing back to human connection and real interaction.

Looking Toward the Future

I would like to have a Mahogany Match center in every major city and bring a better self-help approach to the concept of matching. I want to bring love and light to anyone who finds themselves in my sphere of influence. I encourage anyone who wants to know more, has an interest in helping or becoming a preferred provider of services of self-help, beauty, psychotherapy or other women’s services, to please reach out.

Feeling the Love

I am new to IAW, but I have already felt embraced and encouraged to continue building my business. My advice to other members is to get involved now rather than later.

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