Featured Member: Virginia Knudsen

Over twenty years ago, Virginia Knudsen found inspiration after completing an intensive emotional intelligence course. The results inspired her to become the best version of herself as an individual and leader. “BOAR was born from that vision. Helping CEOs, business owners, and leaders be the best versions of themselves,” she explained. 

BOAR offers a range of solutions for any client, including a Nextgen Evolution leadership course, BOAR Within group coaching, and BOAR sales and coaching performance solutions. “When business leaders show up at their best, it sets an example and radiates throughout their companies,” said Virginia. She plans to expand the company to change the landscape of leadership one CEO at a time. 

As an experienced entrepreneur, her advice to other women professionals is to “suit up and show up as your best self knowing your best will change depending on many factors. And, when you fail, remember to ask yourself, ‘what did I learn from this?’ and ‘where am I going?’ Get back to your purpose and keep going.” 

But Virginia did not find success all on her own. She is supported by her lifelong friend, who saw the greatness in her that she didn’t see herself. And she takes that energy with her as a new member of the International Association of Women. “I loved meeting other professional women and sharing our goals, visions, and obstacles. My advice to other new members is to jump in and participate to gain the full value of the membership,” she said. 

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