Featured Member: Wini Alexander

Sometimes you need to step off the path you’ve walked for decades. When Wini Alexander turned sixty, she realized it was time for a change of pace in her retirement. “It was time to own my time and space and not have to ‘clock in’ or be reviewed by a specific company or person. Life is too short to just walk on the treadmill. There is a whole lot more land to cover when you step off,” she said. Her passion for coaching and seeing women succeed led her to become an entrepreneur. 

Wini founded My7Words LLC as a Certified Professional Life Coach, Facilitator, and Consultant with over 20 years of experience. She’s helped hundreds of women gain leadership skills, boost their careers, and find the success they deserve. Wini’s mission is “to inspire, transform, and encourage women to live their best personal and professional life.” Her goal for the future of My7Words is to become a globally recognized brand that supports women worldwide as a community. 

From her years of experience, Wini advises women leaders to “believe in yourself and know that what’s for you is for you no matter what.” Entrepreneurship and women climbing the corporate ladder face many obstacles along the way. But having a passionate, experienced coach like Wini can make all the difference in achieving your goals. 

Wini takes her advice in finding resources to help her succeed. Her membership through the International Association of Women allows her to access extensive resources for her business. “IAW allowed me to connect with women from all stages of life worldwide,” she said. “Being an entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart! We all need someone who will walk the path with us.” 

For women in the Waldorf area, she is the IAW Local Chapter Membership Ambassador. You can meet her at one of their upcoming events or network with her in the community online. 

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