How to Add the IAW Logo to Your Website

Looking for a way to share your love for the IAW community? Adding the IAW logo to your website is an easy and quick way to show your appreciation and support. Our logo lets others know you are part of a professional, global community. This is advantageous to you and to us because…

  • When you network, apply for a position or promote your business, the IAW logo tells others that you are committed to your professional development and growing your business
  • Allows other IAW members to recognize a fellow member
  • Promotes your local chapter
  • Boosts IAW’s visibility on Google so we can continue to share our community with other professional women 

So, how can you add your logo to your website? We’ve laid out a few universal steps that should get you in the right direction no matter what platform you use to publish your website. 

1. Download the IAW Logo

The first thing to do is download the IAW logo, which can be found below. Click on the logo and you’ll be taken to the downloadable image. Below, you can also find instructional videos on how to download an image for those who use Apple products and those who use Windows. 

Save Images on PC

Save Images on Mac

2. Upload the image to your website platform

The next step is to upload the image to your website. Login to your website and navigate to the option to add an image. Choose to upload one from your computer and find the IAW logo within your saved files. If you are struggling to figure out how to upload an image, here are some instructional videos for a few website platforms.

Upload Image to Wix

Upload Image to Squarespace

Upload Image to WordPress

3. Place the logo on your website

We suggest placing the IAW logo on your “About You” or “Contact” page. Feel free to add a little blurb about your experience such as interacting at events or local chapters, finding mentorship, becoming an influencer member, etc. Here are examples of what our members say about us:

4. Hyperlink the image to IAW’s home page or your community profile

Once the IAW logo is on your website, we suggest you add a link to either the IAW home page or your IAW community profile. A link allows other IAW members to connect with you in the community or informs someone about IAW’s membership. To add a link to an image on your website, copy your community profile or and paste it into the hyperlink option. Refer to the instructional videos in step two if you need help.

If you would like help navigating the IAW community or updating your IAW community profile, please contact our member representatives.

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