How to Prepare for an Ask The Expert

Being an expert in your field is amazing. You can impart so much advice and experience to others looking to grow. However, preparing to be asked a volley of questions is a bit different than your average interview. Approach the “Ask The Expert” as if you were addressing a crowd gathered to watch you speak at an event. You might only see the host or the person asking the question, but going live means the potential for thousands of people to observe. 

To make the best impression and show off your skills, here is a list of questions to ask yourself to help prepare for the Ask The Expert

1. What does the room you’re sitting in look like?

Be aware of your surroundings while presenting as an online professional. Unlike office interviews or event spaces, live Ask The Expert invites thousands of strangers into your home. Set up your laptop in front of a blank wall, bookcase, or other neutral backgrounds that won’t distract the audience from you. Windows can have a nice view, but you never know when a neighbor might awkwardly walk by your house. 

If you have a busy schedule and can’t be home, go to a local cafe, library, or lobby space where you can access wifi and have a quiet background. You may think sitting in your car or bedroom is okay, but it can be distracting to your message and expertise.

2. What are you wearing?

Your online presence is equally as important as your in-person. Anytime you attend an online event is a chance to show your personal brand, market yourself, and your skill set. You wouldn’t show up to a conference in a tank top and sweatpants. So, think of every online event as any other networking event where you are likely to meet an executive or client, and you want to make a good impression while being authentic to your personal style. 

3. Are you familiar with the technology?

Ask The Expert can be hosted on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, or other social media platforms. Before you appear live, become familiar with the mechanics of joining a live event.

Here are some general elements of a Facebook Live that you should consider:

  • Do you know where the mute button and video button are? 
  • Do you know where the chat box is located? 

To prepare, watch videos on YouTube for more technical information if you still feel unsure.

4. Have you practiced responding to questions?

Similar to an interview, Ask The Expert can have tricky questions you’ll have to answer. Talk with family members or friends to create a fun and relaxing environment for your first try. They know you best and will be honest about what is confusing about your answer. Also, consider what anecdotes you can share that show your growth, success, and personality. 

5. Did you invite others to join?

If you want a big turnout, then spread the word! Your network wants to support you in any way it can. Plus, if you’re seeking a promotion, it speaks volumes about a person if they have evidence, outside their job, of their amazing talent. Coworkers, friends, family, or neighbors, anyone can come to an online event and watch you shine!

6. Are you ready to go before Ask The Expert starts?

We recommend being ready a half-hour to fifteen minutes before the event begins. You will have your interviewer’s name and number, and you can chat with them ahead of time if you have any questions or concerns. Prepare extra time into your agenda to help resolve potential technical difficulties beforehand and will present an opportunity to chat with the host for a more natural conversation. It will be obvious to your audience if you rush to be online, so give yourself time to ease into the discussion.

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