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Your resume and LinkedIn profile are your personal marketing tools. When you are looking for a new job, these items are the first thing that a job recruiter will usually see and its important to make a great first impression. IAW has a number of resources available to help get your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile polished. Don’t forget to keep your resume and LinkedIn profiles updated as you change roles, gain experience and accomplish career goals.

eBooks and references:

LinkedIn Success Checklist

6 Tips to Write an Amazing Resume and Cover Letter

7 Deadly LinkedIn Mistakes You Should Avoid


Refresh Your Job Search: Writing an Amazing Resume and Cover Letter

Whether you’re looking for your first job, or applying for the CEO position of a Fortune 500 organization, you need to have a resume and cover letter that employers want to read. Long gone are the days when a “one resume fits all” approach will work and the importance of having something that will make a future employer fall over themselves inviting you for an interview is vital. In this instructive webinar, TORI-nominated, Top-Ranked & 3X-Certified Master Resume Writer, Emily Kapit, will provide you with the “must know” tips and advice to help make your resume stand out to the recruiter.

Top Tips on Updating LinkedIn

LinkedIn, is one of the most established social networks and one the most important and valuable to jobseekers and those looking to build their professional network. Although it is a straightforward social media utility to use, the majority of people don’t optimize it to best serve their intended purposes. In this instructional webinar, social media expert Giselle Sevgi will help you to maximize your LinkedIn profile for exposure and engagement.

Building Your Brand Through LinkedIn

In the current digital era, today’s top-performing professional women utilize the benefits of social media to help achieve their goals. LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional online network, has more than 500 million members in over 200 countries and territories. When you join LinkedIn, you’re not just joining a social network; you’re joining a community of sophisticated professionals simultaneously providing value and seeking news and innovations. Whether you want to develop your corporate career or launch, build, and promote your own business, your LinkedIn profile is crucial to building your own personal brand, making yourself contactable, and showing yourself in the best possible light. In this webinar, you will gain must-know tips and advice to help make your LinkedIn profile stand out, attract future connections, and help grow your influence on LinkedIn.

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