Protecting Your Personal Brand

Talking about branding yourself can be intimidating but it does not have to be! Let’s discuss the power of your personal brand and identify how you can leave a lasting impression on your current and potential clients. Your personal brand matters whether you have your own business or you are an executive or leader in Corporate America, you want to be remembered for your outstanding work ethic and the quality you bring those around you. Just like all first impressions, you only get one shot to introduce yourself so you have to make it right! This is how I protect and present my own brand. Read on below for my personal advice for building a personal brand to remember!

Get Personal
The number one rule of marketing is be relatable. Never distance yourself so far from your target audience that they struggle to relate to you or find you intangible. The outside world may always see me at my best when I am in full glam and my hair is laying perfectly for the TV cameras but my members, my colleagues, and my prospective clients get the real Star Jones. I have hosted board meetings and online and on camera eChapter sessions with puffy eyes from allergies, I have taken Skype business calls sick in bed or on vacation with my family. This is real life! I am human. And when given the chance I get candid about weight loss surgery, heart health, and my overall well being. I believe in sharing my former health struggles but more importantly I love sharing how I overcame them and took control of my life. My ability to keep it real has allowed me to personally connect to literally thousands of women and my personal brand benefits from it

Do Not Take Shortcuts
Now days everyone is looking for the best deal when it comes to their brand- the cheapest website, hire unpaid interns for everything, cheap head shots etc. Enough. Invest in yourself ladies. Remember it’s all about the first impression. I am all for a good bargain if the quality is exceptional but if you are getting less than adequate services to save money you are hurting your brand. Your website and all branding materials should be meticulous. Your logo and headshots should be gorgeous and memorable. In most cases people decide if they want to work with you or not solely based on your website and online presence. I urge you to put your best foot forward and invest in your branding so that you can shine and appear credible.

Have a Winning Team
A winning team is a recurring discussion that I have with my colleagues and members! And for good reason, your team is a direct representation of you and your leadership. Your team directly impacts your personal brand. Many times your clients are not directly interacting with you but those who represent you. So making sure your team uses the same verbiage as you, is professional like you, and is trained and equipped to provide phenomenal services like you is imperative.

Deliver Results
There is no better impression you can provide than to deliver excellent results. If you want return business, deliver results. If you want referrals, deliver results. If you want to rise and stay above your competitors, provide better results. Over delivery is not cliché it is sound business advice. Go beyond your duties and wow your customer every time and your personal brand will be associated with excellence.

Nothing hurts a brand more than their inability to roll with the times. Please forget the saying: “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”. Make sure you are keeping up with current technology, social media, business platforms, and that your product is continuously growing with the evolving needs of your client base. There is no cookie cutter way to run your business. Never be stagnant because you are comfortable. Your morals and hard work ethic can be unchanging but the way you appeal and serve your clients must evolve with times.

This is how I protect my personal brand! How will you build your own “Star” brand to remember? Your brand is working and drawing people in even when you are sleep. If you really perfect your brand it will run and represent you even after you are gone- your brand is your legacy! I hope you are ready to learn more ladies. I also personally hope to see you at one of our Power Networking event or online at one of our eChapter meetings for more much needed conversations and motivation!  Either way, I will be rooting for your brand success near or  afar. I hope this month brings you tremendous success and may you continue to dream, rise, and lead!

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