No Reservations: Simple Dinner Ideas for Busy Days

As women, throughout our careers, we undergo the trouble of juggling between family and work. Some days we feel like crushing under the weight of work pressure and busy schedules. However much we want to prepare a delicious and nutritious meal from scratch to enjoy with our family, we just don’t have the time. However, that is no excuse for ordering fast food every day; we should often cook and feed our families a proper diet without spending much on those busy days. IAW, a community of career women, offers you budget-friendly, yet healthy, dinner ideas for those busy days.

Tomato Spinach Shrimp Pasta
You’ve had a crazy day, and all you want is to do is relax, but you still have a family looking up to you for dinner. Why don’t you try a meal you can cook in one pot that will be ready in 30 minutes straight? Get Al Dente Pasta and toss it with fresh spinach, olive oil, spaghetti, grilled shrimps, and tomatoes. Who knows? The delicacy might end up becoming your family’s favorite and the route to take whenever you feel time is short.

Stir Fry Teriyaki Shrimp with Zucchini Noodles
Many a time, we have an assignment from work that needs an hour or so to look at. You’re in a dilemma and have no idea what to attend to first. But this meal requires only a little of your time. Hit the kitchen and prepare a tasty, healthy low carb quick dinner with zucchini and toasted sesame, and mix it with teriyaki sauce. The meal should be ready in minutes for serving.

Sausage Pepper and Cauliflower Fried Rice
However terrible the day was at work, you can’t fail to spare some 20 minutes for the preparation of a healthy, nutritious meal that will leave your family wanting more. In this delicious dinner, you get smoked sausage, cauliflower, onion, garlic and bell peppers and then blend them. After that, toss them with spices for that appetizing aroma. It leaves you all the extra time to relax with your family and catch up on the events of the day.

Lemon Garlic Butter Salmon with Pineapple in Foil
As career women, we barely have enough time to prepare meals from scratch let alone cleaning the mess. If you want a dinner idea that doesn’t involve lots of cleanup, then this is it. Blend crushed garlic, honey, salmon fillet, chopped parsley and pineapple and cook them all in a sealed foil pouch. The good thing about this meal is that the foil prevents the moisture from escaping while the flavor of your food remains intact. Better still, you’ll not need to undergo the hassle of cleaning up.

Carrot, Bacon, and Split Pea Soup
Many are the days when we reach home totally worn out from the pressure of work that we feel entirely depleted of our energy. On such a day, all you need is a nutritious meal that will take a short time to cook. This soup made from blending carrots, bacon, and peas is just what you need to regain energy and which will not need much of your time in the kitchen. The beauty of a simple, yet nutritious, meal is that it leaves your body nourished and allows more time to attend to other chores or even relax.

One Pan Pork Quinoa
As career women, knowing how tired we are, it can be tempting to grab a quick takeaway on our way home to avoid the trouble of having to prepare a meal. For one, such food isn’t healthy and will only make you go beyond what you had budgeted for. You can get your ingredients ready and cook your pork quinoa in a single pan in minutes. That will save you some money as well as cut the time you spend in the kitchen.

Healthy Stove Mac and Cheese
Even with busy work schedules, it’s always noble to stick to eating healthy food as it’s the only way to maintain a healthy body. Here, you blend steamed milk, diced onion, wheat flour, unsalted butter and whatever ingredients you want to cook a delicious stove mac and cheese meal. A busy mom needs to cut the time spent in the kitchen and spend time with the family, and this is a great meal for that.

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