The Six Crucial Steps in Networking

On April 11th, 2017, Dr. Jessica Vera, author, and entrepreneur, led our eCoaching event, with over 400 eCoaching attendees, to discuss the power of networking and why it is so crucial. Here are some key takeaways from Dr. Vera’s discussion.

The Six Crucial Steps in Networking

1. Turn Setbacks into Setups to Level Up
There’s a saying that goes “every setback is a setup for a comeback,” and this applies to networking as well. We all have a past and story, but it’s important that we take key components from our unique stories and use it to our own personal advantage. Understanding your story can develop a passion or purpose in one’s life, allowing them to become a better person overall.

• Know Your Why
•Your Story
• Identify Your Calling, Transform Pain Into Passion and Passion Into Purpose to experience the Freedom to Flourish

2. Step Out to Step In
Opportunities lie on the outside of your comfort zone. Although stepping away from what is comfortable may be fearful at times, these are the moments in which you learn the most. Whether it is learning from successes or failures, stepping out of your comfort zone is always a learning opportunity.

• Know Your What
• Success and Failure Leave Clues
• Stretch and get out of your comfort zone

• Identify your avatar
• Who are you meant to serve?
• Where do you find them?

3. Show Up Filled Up
Plan everything and always be prepared. You must take on a beginner’s mindset and never assume that you know everything. When it comes to your passion and purpose, there is always an opportunity to learn.

• Adopt a beginner’s mindset
• Recognize value in community
• Tap into the entire pool of human resources and talents;
our collective performance improves
• Become passion-obsessed
• Embody your unique selling proposition (USP)
• Follow your guiding principle system (GPS); define goals that
fit your life, values, and dreams

4. The Purpose-Driven Pitch
What is your purpose-driven statement in life that you wish to share with the world? Practice the art of engaging with others and communicating your passion/purpose. In every social interaction, there is something to be learned.

• Leverage the gift of gab
• We are crafty, expressive language queens
• Break cyclical language patterns

• Activate GPS, intuition, and emotional intelligence
• Integrate solution-focused, precise words that cultivate trust
• Take what you know to project what you do with grace and flare for the benefit of others

5. Start with the End in Mind
“Courage is walking through your fears head on, despite your fears” —Dr. Jessica Vera. Understanding that we all have fears and things that may frighten us day-to-day, it’s important that we challenge ourselves and conquer those things step-by-step. Whether it be taking a risk or engaging in something completely new to you, the end goal will always be worth it.

• Take a Risk
• Keep your Eye on the Mask
• It is Bigger Than Just Yourself

• Walk Through Fear
• Remember Fear is Not Truth
• Intentionally Cultivate Confidence & Resilience—Others Depend On It

6. Build Your Tribe
Like-minded people accomplish great things together. Finding others who think like you, have similar passions, and are interested in growing professionally will always be an asset to you. Seek your tribe and share your experiences; you never know what other opportunities await.
Networking is crucial to the growth of any working professional, and once you learn to network effectively, the opportunities are endless.

Special thanks to Dr. Jessica Vera for her advice and continued support. If you are interested in connecting with her or have any further questions, contact

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