Wendy Lemke: Shining a Spotlight on her Work

Meet IAW members in Featured Members, a weekly column where members highlight their careers and businesses. Today, the spotlight is on IAW Elite Member Wendy Lemke. Always willing to let her work speak for itself, entrepreneur Wendy Lemke has found great success with her invention, the bulbNEST. VIP, Elite and Preferred Members: to be featured in Member Spotlight, contact us at featuredwomen@napw.com

IAW: How do you network?

Lemke: I prefer one-on-one relationship building to large networking events. Through the years, I’ve found that supporting the success of others pays off tenfold.

IAW: When things get tough, how do you keep yourself going?

Lemke: I always try to remember that everything is temporary, and no matter how bad things look from my perspective there are others that have the same if not more issues to deal with. You are only given the problems you can deal with at that time.

IAW: What three business rules have contributed most to your success?

Lemke: a. Honesty and integrity must be above everything b. Be helpful and share as much as you know with those who want to know c. Listen twice as much as you speak

IAW: Describe your personal brand. Which platforms do you use to showcase it?

Lemke: I’ve never been afraid of hard work and I think obstacles are just challenges to overcome. But in terms of a personal brand, I’m an introvert, so I like to let my work speak for itself. I show it off through social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, and my website.

IAW: What woman in history has most influenced your beliefs?

Lemke: Queen Elizabeth – many things can be done by quietly going about doing your work without drawing unnecessary attention to yourself.

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