9 Screen-free Activities for Families This Holiday Season

Looking for some screen-free activities this holiday season? No matter what age your children are, you can still find things to do together outside of the virtual world. Holidays are a time for family so here are nine ways to spend it building memories:

Homemade decorations

Nothing gets you into that holiday spirit like decking out your home with colorful decorations. 

Make your own ornaments for your Christmas tree, paper lanterns for Ramadan, or blue and white Stars of Davids for Chanukah. 

Go for a walk around the neighborhood

Bring your family for a nice stretch of the legs outside. It could be a long walk to the local park to get their energy out. A peek at the neighbor’s outdoor light display or a quick walk for the dog. It will be a change from sitting inside all day. 

DIY Gift Decorations

No matter what you celebrate this holiday season, gifts are sure to be a part of the festivities. Consider making pipe cleaner gift toppers or letting the kids draw on craft paper to be used as gift wrap this year.

Cook together

You’re never too young to learn how to cook with your parents. Take out all our recipe books including family recipes and sort through them together. It’s easier to get your kid to eat vegetables if they picked out the recipe themselves. 

Story Time

Find some holiday-themed children’s books to read out loud with your kids. They can dress up as characters and act out the scene as you read.

For those with teenagers, spend time reading together in the same room. Everyone can read what they want to and enjoy a quiet moment together. Afterward, you can have a family discussion about what you all read with snacks and a hot drink.

Write cards to family

The holidays are about spending time with those you love and sharing gratitude. Kids can make their own cards or you can buy them from local stores. Write out thank you messages to each other that talks about what you are grateful for all they’ve done in the past year. Send them off to grandparents, aunts/uncles, cousins, or neighbors to spread the love around. 


Giving back to your community together as a family is another way to share kindness during the holidays. Check out your local food banks, libraries, Red Cross, or other local foundations dedicated to a cause. 

Family Yoga

Feeling like the kids are just bundles of energy you can’t keep up with? Take a family yoga class or put on a YouTube video that goes through different beginner poses. It’s a healthy way to squeeze in a quick exercise between the holiday feasts and can help everyone relax.

Indoor Gardening

Looking to get your kids into some more eco-friendly activities? With all the food scraps from holiday cooking, composting is one way to teach your children eco-friendly behaviors. Plus, the dirt you make from the compost can be used to build a mini indoor greenhouse. You’ll be amazed what a few plastic cups and a handful of dirt can grow into! 

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