Best Resume Tips for Stay-at-Home Moms Transitioning to the Professional World

You’ve dedicated your time to raising your children, and now that they are a bit older, it’s time to reconsider your career. When crafting a resume as a stay-at-home mom, it’s important to acknowledge that being a mother gives you relevant leadership skills, experiences, and accomplishments that demonstrate your ability to manage multiple responsibilities effectively. 

Here are some resume tips tailored to any stay-at-home mom who wants to impress the next hiring manager:

1. Choose the proper resume format

Opt for a reverse chronological or combination resume format, which emphasizes your work history and skills. The reason for reverse chronology is for two reasons. First, it helps prevent ageism when individuals delete graduation dates and other indicators of age. Second, while the hiring percentage of mothers increased this past year by 1.7%, only some recruiters will see the value in hiring mothers. Having your previous work experience before motherhood at the top may increase the number of recruiters interested in you.

2. Refine your elevator pitch

One way to open your resume is with a short professional summary that outlines your relevant experience, skills, and goals. It can also double as your elevator pitch. Since it will be the first thing a hiring manager or recruiter sees, you’ll want it to be captivating and informative in as few words as possible. 

3. Showcase transferable skills

Mothers have an incredible amount of transferable skills! You already know how to juggle multiple things like cooking, cleaning, and entertaining your kids, aka multitasking. Plus, with all the parent volunteer positions, you gained multiple experiences leading a team, delegating important tasks, and staying calm under pressure. 

4. Highlight volunteer or freelance work

There may have been only a few volunteer positions or freelance projects here and there, but they should still be included in your resume. Everything you participate in can contribute to your skills and experiences. Focus on the responsibilities and achievements relevant to the position you’re applying for.

5. Include relevant training or certifications

Certifications, training, workshops, or conferences can be a good substitute if you do not have the exact years of experience recruiters want. It demonstrates your dedication to continued learning and keeping up with industry trends. Remember, you do not have to check everything on their list to be the applicant they are looking for! 

6. Mention technological proficiency

Working remotely often requires proficiency in various software, communication tools, and project management platforms. List any relevant tools you are comfortable using, such as project management software, video conferencing platforms, or time-tracking tools.

7. Tailor your resume to the job

You will likely have lots to include on that single piece of paper, and not everything will fit. As not every job you apply to will be the same, write a few different resumes that highlight the skills and experiences that closely align with the requirements of each position you’re applying for. Especially use keywords from the job description to ensure your resume stands out to hiring managers and applicant tracking systems.

8. Have another professional review your resume

After you finish writing your resume, you can use it to help you find new connections and build your network! Find professional women in the same industry or your dream company and ask them to chat over coffee. Informational interviews help you get insight on how to better your resume and what skills you may be lacking that could set you apart from the crowd.

Remember, your experience as a stay-at-home mom is valuable! You are equally competitive as any other candidate. Plus, here is the perfect outfit to wear to an interview and how to sell yourself in the interview.

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